Wednesday, 19 February 2014

Lovin' those Lilypads! (part one!)

So, i have a few Indies that i have a weakness or fondness for and Lilypads is up among them.  I have a good few, and want to share them all with you - but rather than all on one massive ( and believe me its pretty big!) I've done some here and there will be a couple more posts later.  Ive already done some HERE and HERE.....

so for now....have a feast on these pretty colours!

Now, can you tell me there isn't at least one that you think "yummy" about?
Lilypads are amazingly brilliant to use, so smooth and only needs 2 applications for full coverage.
Top coat used here was HK Girl top coat which gives it the extra glossy shine on it!
If you find you're buying fingers twitching, theres some links below where you can find Lilypads
There will be at least one other polish overload post of Lily's coming....just to pre warn you, so you can get a notepad and pen ready to write the names down!!!

Happy polishing guys!!

Ways to Find Lilypad Lacquers:
Etsy Store:


  1. I love the purple and pink colours - they're beautiful. I have an obsession with pink nails.


  2. Wow, these are gorgeous! I love Bluebell and Mystical Marine in particular : )


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