Tuesday, 4 February 2014

Lots of Luscious Liquid Sky Lacquer to Ogle!

Okay, so if you follow my blog you'll know a coupla things...i love my polishes.....and i get a hitch in writing mojo every now and then!
This is one of those times, so if i can't write, i can at least let your eyes have a treat with some Liquid Sky Lacquer polishes.  Among my very favourite Indies - and when you see the pictures, i think you'll agree - and Carolyn is a fantastic polish maker and lover - all together - PERFECTION!

Enjoy guys.....Here's your warning of a MEGA POLISH OVERLOAD!!!!

Did i forget to mention how gorgeous these all are!! Yummy huh? Check out those gorgeous chromes - have to say Bird of Paradise is a firm favourite of mine!!

If you haven't had a Liquid sky in your polish pile....why not!!??
You can find them below!

Happy polishing!!

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Other retailers: 
Atoutscharme.com (France); 
Meimeisignatures.com (Singapore); 
Rainbow-connection.co.uk (United Kingdom); 
Norwaynails.com (Scandinavia); 
Color4nails.com (US)


  1. wow..so many pretty nail polishes :)

  2. Loads of little lovelies in that post ! they all look Yummy xx

  3. Have to say I'm not keen - think its the shimmery effect that puts me off. I like a good smooth glossy finish

    1. Wow! You're the very first person I know of that don't like them!
      The finish is holographic which what looks like a shimmer but the top coat is a clear and very glossy gel top coat that if you look you can actually see a reflection of Windows in them!
      So it's not the finish that you font like it's the holo effect, which I think is amazing effect but we all have our own loves!
      Thank you for stopping by!


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