Wednesday, 22 January 2014

Very pleased to welcome you all to PRETTY BITCH nail polish!!

As soon as this brand came out, i KNEW i had to have some of the polishes!  Not only were the colours gorgeous, but the names are totally in synch with my gutter mind sense of humour!

But i will say now....


So, a little background and some information about Pretty Bitch polishes.....

Jaclyn isn’t exactly sure when she first started mixing polish, but it was in June of 2012 when she decided she wanted to start selling them.  Jaclyn worked on perfecting the product and brand development for over a year before she announced the launch in August 2013. The shop first opened on Storenvy on October 19th, 2013.
The first polishes Jaclyn sold were the ones she launched the brand with (Nipple Clamps, Deep Throat, and Dirty Whore), 3 cremes (Fuck It, Blow Me (now discontinued), and Lick Me Asshole (now Discontinued), and 3 glitters (Midnight Bitch, Swap Spit, and Chains and Whips). The very first order she received was for all three holos, all of which sold out within 30 minutes of my shop opening! Dirty Whore was officially the first to sell out.

How chuffed am i to say i was the first and, as it stands ONLY person in the UK to have them.  Although Pretty Bitch is made in America they have already reached  France, Turkey, Israel, Canada, the Netherlands, Japan, and China.

I wanted to know what made her choose the Pretty Bitch as a brand name and, what can be taken as either funny and in jest or offencive.
"I wanted to enter the polish marketplace with a splash and be memorable. With new indie shops opening daily, it was important to do something that would generate interest and stand apart from the crowd on paper. I’m confident that once people try my brand, they will come back for more based on the quality of my product (which is NOT made from one of the widely available frankenbases 90% of all indie brands use), but in the case of most indie polishes which are only sold online, people are basing their initial decision to purchase or not purchase a brand based solely on what it looks like - not just swatches of the polish, but also how the bottles look, whether or not they like the logo, and so on. I felt it would give my brand a jump start to be different in every aspect. That’s kind of my personality - go big or go home! Since everyone else is making Sweet Little Princess - I decided to make Pretty Bitch. Choosing a controversial brand name and being intentionally offencive was a calculated risk. My brand won’t appeal to everyone because of it, but everyone is certainly talking about it."

Pretty Bitch does a monthly restock on the first Monday of every month at 9pm (EST).
The next one is due on Feb 2nd and two favourite holos will be available, "Nipple Clamps" and "Wet Spot", 2 new holos "Fuck Me Harder" (burgundy) and "Whoregasm" (Teal).  Theres also a LE glitter for Valentines day called "Fuck Love", and a second instalment of the monthly release 2014, this time being Aquarius, a special edition "Bitchy Zodiac" line called "Cold As Ice" and Jaclyn describes it as " an amethyst purple crelly holo with a hint of silver sparkle for the February birthstone"

Ok! So long intro, but i know that Pretty Bitch hasn't been around for long, so i felt a good introduction would be helpful!

Jaclyn is completely lovely.  She loves her polish, shes helpful, always friendly and open to talk to.  At the bottom of the page are a number of ways to contact her if you think you need some of these babies in your collection!

Onto the polishes themselves, they are amazing!  The texture is smooth, a perfect consistency, and after one coat its pretty much opaque! Which is a rarity!  Two coats make it perfect!  The brush is the perfect size and application is so easy.  To get the best, have the brush coated, but not overly, so not much is needed, and on it goes! LOVE it!

Ok, these are the ones i snaffled on my (first!) order!

starting with i have to admit my favourite of all of them..."Nipple Clamps", a fantastic pink with a gorgeous shimmer and slight holo running through it. (had the weather been better i would have got a shot, but sun in the UK?? not happening!)

Next up "What a Douche". A gorgeous light blue/grey with a definite holo that is obvious even without the sun shining on it. A beautiful delicate colour!

And on to "Dirty Whore" - this is my 2nd favourite.  A fantastic purple, with minute pieces of multi glitter and the same hint of a holo running through it. Love the colour of this one!

"Deep Throat".  This i think would come alive under the sun - theres a holo but its in hiding here!  The blue is almost like a light denim blue

OK, first real "adult language"! "Fuck Restocks". This was a limited edition - as you can see mine is no 15.  In the bottle it looks like a lovely blush type pink, but its so much more delicate than that when on.  It has a beautiful shimmer to it and tiny pieces of multi coloured glitter running through it.  This screams to me to have something to do with stamping, so i might have a play with that!

Jaclyn sent me some minis to try as well, and these are now, sadly no longer available (apart from Popped and Amazeballs, which are part of the Core collection).  There is one i haven't got to do -"Trickster" which is a colour changing top coat - don't get me wrong i really want to try it and have a black polish and a white one ready to try - but my nails have all decided to break, so i have to wait, but i WILL add it!!

This is "popped" - an amazing pillar box red cream polish- normally its kinda got a "wow" feel to it!

"Amazeballs" is also part of the core collection and is a tan scattered holo with green colour shift.  I've not seen another polish like this and i kinda like it!

The next were part of a collection that Jaclyn released based upon the TV show "Supernatural" for Halloween 2013 and they're really unusual and i actually like them, and i feel bad that my review is too late for you guys to get them, so I'm sorry for that!!
And for these i used 3 coats of polish to get the best effect.

First up is "Castiel", a pale pink, almost white, metallic finish cream polish.  I actually loved this colour and normally me and white don't get on - i think it might be as there is the hint of pink, and the finish is lovely!

Sam is a copper shimmer creme with metallic-like finish and silvery micro flecks.  Again, another i may not have picked up but its a gorgeous colour.  The flecks break up the solid colour and adds another edge to it.

i had to admit to be worried about "Dean". Again, me and green - don't normally get on!  Jaclyn described it as a military green/gold leaning metallic finish creme - spot on!  Its not an obvious green, and allot more gold than i thought which is probably why I'm good with it!

So? What do you guys think?
Personally (and probably shows my gutter mind) i find the names hilarious, shows a brave girl, and definitely get people talking - and thats probably the main aim of it!
Aside from the names, if youre offended by them (which, by the way, i DID warn you about, so no complaining here please!), you have to admit that the polishes themselves are beautiful!

To find and follow Pretty Bitch polishes you can choose from the below:

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  1. I love the shade names! I think Dirty Whore is my favourite.
    I wonder if we can still get these in the UK with the new shipping regulations?

    Jess xo

    1. hiya Jess!
      im sure we can still get them.
      I think the brand is a great concept, but there are those who will take offense at the name, hence the warning, but the polishes are lush!!
      Get in touch with Jaclyn and see if she can send some to you- doessnt hurt to ask! ;)
      Thanks for stopping by again hun xx

  2. First of all: greatest name for a brand ever. Nipple Clamps is my favourite too - fantastic shade :)

  3. I'd not heard of this brand, I really think the names will be good for sticking in people's minds and the brand name is great too. Dirty Wore is my fave one from the ones you shared :)

  4. ha ha actually I loved going through the names! The shades are super pretty!I'm so glad I came across your beautiful blog.Will certainly visit it regularly now :)
    Also, I have an easy Valentine's Day Giveaway (Open Worldwide) running on my blog where you can win stunning accessories worth $25!. I would really appreciate it if you could support me by entering it. Thanks in advance! ♥♥

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