Monday, 27 January 2014

TRIAL &REVIEW: FTN - Wholefood Wonder Drink **Conclusion Added**

FTN was created by a team of researchers over 6 years ago, using a unique and patented blend only found in FTN.
For more info on this, visit their website on the science side of it HERE

Brand new nutraceutical wholefood drink, FTN, is offering fitness enthusiasts and people on the go a chance to reduce fatigue and speed up their recovery times.

Available in 60ml Citrus and Super Berry shots, FTN is already causing a storm thanks to it’s professional athlete following including Cardiff Blues Rugby, Adrian Grant, Michel Salgado and Nicola Hobbs as well as being a favourite among the work hard – play hard set.

Free from artificial chemicals, stimulants and fully NSF and WADA approved, FTN is a patented blend of five wholefood ingredients designed to provide your body the protection and nutrients it needs to support its natural repair and renewal process.

Made from all natural ingredients and completely stimulant free, a daily shot of FTN i all you need to help support your body's natural cell renewal system.

The wholefood ingredients and specific amounts, only found in FTN work together to support the life and growth of your own body's adult stem cells providing them with all the essential nutrients that they need to flourish.
This aids in:

  • Speeding up recovery time from training or injury
  • Slow down ageing in all parts of the body
  • Maximise preventative effects against degenerative brain diseases.

Included in each 60ml bottle are:

  • Green Tea - Contains antioxidants that help maintain a healthy metabolism and support the health of your digestive tract.  Green tea can also help improve skin health thanks to its anti-inflammatory properties
  • Wild Blueberry Extract - Rich in oxidants, wild blueberry extract helps promote maintenance of a healthy brain, cardiovascular, vision, joint and urinary tract function.
  • Vitamin D -An essential nutrient needed by the boy, it helps maintain healthy bones, teeth and a normal immune system.  Vitamin D is mainly obtained from sunlight so it is often in short supply through the winter months.
  • Amino Acids - Think of amino acids as pieces of a complex protein puzzle.  they can be disassembled and reassembled to build and repair all kinds of tissue in the body.  This makes them vitally important to every one of your body's function.
  • Organice Blue-Green Micro-Algae- The key ingredient, and only found in FTN, this super food is rich in proteins, essential fatty acids, chlorophyll, beta-carotene and a vast array of micro-nutrients that supercharge the body's ability to maintain overall well being.

OK, so Phew! Sciency bit done!  What this boils down to, is taste and any effectiveness.
As i have M.E i thought this would be a good thing to try.  Anyone who has it, knows they'll try anything if it is meant to make them feel better, so cant hurt!

I have 12 bottles of the Super Berry and 12 bottles of the Citrus to try and to review as i go along.
So i started today, Saturday 25th January 2014.  I'm not feeling my greatest lately, so i do actually hope this helps - in any way.

First Impressions
Bottles are a great easy size to pop in your handbag if you don't have time to drink it before you leave the house.  I've used a glass once for it, to show the drink, but its much easier to just drink from the bottle.  I've started with the Berry flavour and its actually really nice to drink! (I'm fussy too, so its a good thing!).
I know I've only drank it for 3 days, so ill review in a weeks time to see if any noticeable effects arise.

These were very easy to intake - you can see how little liquid is in one bottle, but it contains so much goodness.
I tried them for a month.  If im honest, i think that i didnt get the full effect that the drink would have offered had i been drinking them for 6 months or so.  Especially as i have M.E - i think i would need a little more time and a lot more intake than the month test.

But this is by no means saying that the drink doesnt work.  From my trial, i cant say either way if it would make a big difference or not, but its something i will certainly be happy to pick up and carry on using when i see it to buy!

**items sent to review and give an honest opinion. FTN providing the giveaway prize**


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