Sunday, 19 January 2014

Smittened Again......!

I do love smitten polish, and this is just a taste of their gorgeous polishes! I did a long picture post HERE if you wanna have a quick look there too!

You may notice theres a change in the Smitten bottles - the older one is the one on the right and the new sleeker ones are the others. I think the new look is fab!

Gorgeous polishes and as my writing mojo has left me for a little while (if you find it, please direct it my way!!) ill let the polishes just show themselves in their glory...

Oh! And to top it off, there are two (yup TWO) bottles of Smitten that are going to be in my (belated!) Blogiversary giveaway! keep an eye!!

Ok, so i have a favourite and this is the one in this post! Its beautiful!!

With polish this beautiful, who needs words!!

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  1. The polishes look great! I think my fave is the same as yours :) xx

  2. Beautiful nail polishes :) I love the purple.


  3. I think I agree with you, What Sorcery Is This? is absolutely stunning! Lovely shades :)

    Jess xo


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