Saturday, 11 January 2014

Out with the Old.....and in with the New!! What Did 'Santa' Change For You?

Could mean so many things couldn't it!!

Good ole Santa brings us new toys, allot of times to change or 'upgrade' something we already have.
What changed for you at Christmas?

For me, my Pandora bracelet got more charms added to it (posted HERE).

And the biggest change was to my beloved Kindle!

Ive had the keyboard Kindle since it came out in 2010, and even though Amazon has released more and varied types, none of them really held my interest......until now.....!

My beloved Keyboard Kindle has been my favourite and must have on me item always - i thought id lost it once, and nearly cried!!
I look after my things, and so this had an Amazon cover with light, a screen cover and then a full encased sticker of the animals i love - wolves!

My main Christmas prezzie (off my mum, of course!!) was a Kindle Fire HD.  I'm over the moon with it!  its not the new one (we didn't know that was coming out!! Doh!!) but its brilliant, and such a change to the old keyboard.

It took me a few days to build up the courage to have a play with it!!!
And I've gone a bit more girly with a butterfly cover!  Again with the screen cover too, to prevent scratches and any finger prints!

So, a light is no longer needed as its back lit, and OMG - what a complete difference it is to the keyboard!!!  Much brighter, easier to read....with the keyboard, Amazon was testing adding access to the Internet on it very carefully so it wasn't brilliant access - but THIS one - geeeeez!!! I haven't fully investigated, but its a MASSIVE difference, and I'm kinda in awe and timid at trying it!! But i LOVE it!! Glad i didn't get any of the ones in between and waited for this.

(one week later!)
I've found one small downside.  Due to the fact its constantly back lit, it seems to eat into the battery and as I'm reading allot at the moment (stupid insomnia) I'm finding it needing to be re-charged allot more than the keyboard one.  The keyboard had a cover with a light inside to read when in the dark, but didn't need it during the day, so the battery seems to last longer.  Not the worst thing in the world....just always remember to take your charger with you if you're staying over somewhere!!!

If you love books, but aren't sold on the idea of reading it by e-reader, id give it a go if i were you.  I worked my way up to make sure i would like it (so i tried a palm reader, then a Sony e-reader and then the kindle keyboard) - its not so strange to use now! And soooo much easier when packing for holiday!!
I was dubious at first, but glad i was converted!!

So? What changes did he bring for you then?


  1. I got my pandora full ! now what do i do ! and had 2 wonderful dogs and my daughter here for xmas, love the look of the kindle though xx

  2. Congrats on the new Kindle Fire! I got a new Kindle Fire for Christmas too! I have a Kindle that I won from B.K. Walker @ Virtual Book Tours Cafe and got blogger of the month in Dec. 2013. I loved it and now I have two Kindles and I love both of them. I wouldn't trade either one of them for nothing. I love reading.

    I love the cover with the butterfly on it. It is so cute!

    I am a new follower. Please check out my blog. I would appreciate if you could follow me back please.

    Nancy @ The Avid Reader

  3. I've ordered my mum and myself a kobo, they were on offer in WHSmith so seemed rude not too. Well dad got mum hers for her birthday next month, it's not backlit so I'll have to get a cover with a light but I'm looking forward to it xo

  4. I am soo pleased i can read all my kindle books after my original first kindle broke, x


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