Sunday, 5 January 2014

NOTD: Bella Belle "My Blu Suede Shoes"

First NOTD of 2014, so i thought id make it a bit of a special one!

This is my first encounter with Bella Belle, and it came in the box that is especially for Indies and is the Australian "Whats In-die box". This is released each month with 5 Australian Indie brands, all submitting polishes JUST available to this box. Kinda cool huh? They can be bought HERE but sell out super quick.

There is also a box called "A Box, Indied" available from LLarowe HERE and these have world wide Indies in the box, not just from Australia!

So anyway, i got this one from a friend and i love it! Need to do some looking into Bella Belle i think! This one is called "My Blu Suede Shoes" and is a beautiful sparkly blue

and as you can see came with a cute little ring with the polish encased in glass - normally i don't like these, but i love this one - the colour is gorgeous and magnified under there!

So, i only used 2 thick coats.  I tend to find with glitter its better to do them thicker than thin as if they dry to quick (which allot of them do) it catches and pulls the coat to make it look messy!

 Base coat used was Eye Candy Base Coat Gel Wrap and the matching top coat too.... this was the end result!

its sparkly as it is, but under a light it comes even more alive and i cant capture it all on camera, but trust me its a sparkly one!!

And with the matching ring!

Kinda nice huh!
i think i might be looking at this brand a little more, i love this one!!

To find Bella Belle:
Etsy Store:
(sadly only ships to Australia though :( )


  1. Oh this is super pretty, lovely and sparkly :)

    Jess xo

  2. Wow, that colour is absolutely gorgeous! I love the tip with glitter polishes, I will have to try that next time. :]


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