Thursday, 27 February 2014

Models Own Team Up With The Dog's Trust **GIVEAWAY**WINNERS ANNOUNCED!!!

Models Own have teamed up with Dogs Trust, to celebrate the charity’s anniversary of the slogan ‘A Dog is for Life, Not Just for Christmas’

Dogs Trust, the nation’s largest dog welfare charity, has teamed up with Models Own to create a limited edition nail varnish, designed to celebrate the 35th anniversary of their famous slogan ‘A Dog is for Life...not just for Christmas®’. Sadly the phrase is still as relevant today as ever and continues to drive the message about responsible dog ownership.

The golden varnish is a fun way for supporters to add a touch of sparkle to their own paws this Christmas, while showing support for a worthy cause at the same time. What’s more, all profits from every bottle sold will be donated to Dogs Trust to help save more dogs.  

This activity coincides with their latest ‘#presspaws for Dogs Trust’ campaign where the charity is asking dog lovers to help spread the idea of pausing to think, ‘am I in a position to socialise, train and look after a dog for the rest of its life?’ by tweeting a paw-touching picture of their own pet pooches.

Dogs Trust cares for over 16,000 stray and abandoned dogs each year. This Christmas, staff will be working around the clock looking after the 1,500 dogs that are based in their 18 rehoming centres across the country at any one time. The Dogs Trust was officially founded in 1891 and are the largest dog welfare charity in the UK.  To found out more about the Dogs Trust, what they do, and how they do it, please go HERE

The limited edition Dog Trust Models Own varnish will retail at £5.50 (plus £1 p&p) remember, they are for human paws only, as dog paws are perfect the way they are!

How else can you help the dogs in need at the dogs trust? Theres plenty of ways:

Even an hour a day to spare to walk a dog from the centre or if you have the time, patience and space - fostering is a rewarding and helping both the dog to socialise and for the Dogs Trust to be able to have more space for more dogs that need help.

You can even help from the comfort of your own home.  Simply text "HOPE" to 70060 and donate just £5.  If 10 people did this...£50..if 100...£500 - every little amount adds up, so don't think its "just a fiver" - it makes a huge difference to a dog who needs a little help

The Dogs Trust help all types of dogs, all ages and NEVER put a healthy one down.  So yes you'll find gorgeous cute puppies:

To the often overlooked oldies.  Older dogs have so much love to give and just ask for love (and food of course!) in return.  Please don't over look the Old ones, they deserve to have a comfortable retirement, and you can help with that

To celebrate the Limited edition polish, the Dogs Trust has kindly given me 8 bottles to giveaway! So, you have a good chance of winning one!

The polish, being Models Own is a smooth and easy polish to use. Its 25 Carat Gold, and is just eye catching!  This is with 2 coats on each, with a glossy top coat.  The paw prints i added by hand, so i apologise in advance for their wonkiness!!!

Its a rafflecopter - you know what to do!
Good luck!!

2 New Winners had to be pulled due to no response to two of the original winners not responding for 2 weeks.

ALSO a small NB for those that have won - ive sprained my ankle, badly - has swollen all around the ankle and the foot itself, so im pretty much house bound, as i have no one to post for me, but PLEASE rest assured the polishes ARE yours, they are all packed and ready to go....but i just cant get there!!!

I will inform you all when i have posted, thank you for your understanding

To follow and find the Dogs Trust:


  1. Aw I love dogs so much, these products sound fab!


  2. Loving the Dogs Trust polish with the added Paw Prints! Looks AMAZEBALLS xx

  3. aw we have a dog from dogs trust, his name is tyson and he is now a healthy 3 year old german sheperd, he steals my bed and my sofa but love him x

    1. i have 2, and know that feeling oh so well!!! Find yourself squished into the corner of the bed, while thyre completely sprawled out on the rest of it!!!

  4. Hi just wondering if these prizes have been sent out as im still waiting for mine to arrive. Thankyou. x

  5. Hi, I've been waiting for one person to respond before I send the details on but she's Yarbrough time so am going to pull out another winner d hopefully then I can get them all sent out.
    An email will be sent when the polishes are on their way.
    Any more issues, please reply to the email I sent to you when I told you you had won, thanks!


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