Wednesday, 15 January 2014

Like A Surprise? How About A Mystery Nail Grab Bag?

There are SOOOOOOO many polishes, colours, finishes, brands, glitters, holos, creams...the list goes on!

You know i have a lot of polishes and i love them all, but in reality I'm not going to be using a lot of them more than once, twice or maybe even three times!

So i thought i would offer a MYSTERY GRAB BAG to you guys.  As you know my main love is Indie polishes.  That's not to say that i haven't got some mainstream polishes, but 90-95% are Indies and are what you'd receive.

Due to Royal Mails (way too strict) limitations, i can only post to the UK (sorry international readers - really not my choice :( ) and i can only post 4 polishes in one package.  I'm asking just £17 INCLUDING POSTAGE for 4 full sized polishes.

Brands include:
Taras Talons,
Darling Diva
Serum No5
Lemming Polish
Different Dimensions
Dollish Polish
.....and much more!

Please bear in mind that these polishes may have been swatched or used maximum of 4 fingers, most are new.

If you fancy one of these grab bags, please send me an email to me at:
PLEASE NOTE: this is NOT my paypal address so please do not send payment to that email.  Please put GRAB BAG into the subject line.

I will do my best to accommodate to colour preferences, but it will be difficult to give you specific makes, as they may not be available if I've put them in another grab bag.

Please keep in mind that some of these polishes may have been used, but not much - a maximum of one mani.  I will do my best to give you polishes i think you will like, but this is a MYSTERY bag.  No returns can be done with these, but i seriously don't think that would be the case as they're are some amazing pretties in there!

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  1. This is a great idea! The other half would kill me if I came home with any more polish though...! :)


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