Thursday, 30 January 2014

ILNP Picture Overload!

ILNP (AKA I <3 NP) is one of the bigger Indie brands, its been around for a long time, since 2012, but Barbara (the owner and creator) constantly keeps the polishes fresh, and they fly out of the shop with very happy recipients! Me included.

I did a NOTD HERE on an amazing chrome called "Birefringence" and i wanted to share the others in my collection.  No words are really needed to express their beauty, so ill keep shtum while you ogle!!

Nice, huh? If i had to pick a favourite, it would be totally "Molly"- i have a big soft spot for pink, and this one is just lush!!

I haven't done many NOTD's lately as i have a load from one brand that i want to share with you so I'm doing a lot of the "picture overload" posts, personally, i like looking at the pretty polish, and i hope i can entice you to make a sneaky purchase!!

Happy Polishing guys!!!

Ways to find and buy from ILNP
Online Store:
ILNP blog:


  1. They are really nice can not wait to try :) xx

    1. lol, youll be spoilt for choice when i move back home!! <3 xx


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