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Betrousse "Absolutely Fabulous" Beauty Box

"Of course, you’re already absolutely fabulous…  
That’s why our beauty experts have chosen some special products to pamper you In your favourite beauty box, you could use the DUCK ISLAND Sensuous Shampoo that will leave your hair feeling supreme, and silky smooth. Then, you will naturally and gently exfoliate your face and neck with the facial exfoliate creme LEOR. Without make-up, you will be radiant! After the LEOR Ritual, you can prepare your skin fight against exterior agents and repair it by using the hedelweiss serum and cream by HELENERE. To be as unique as the flower it contains. A skin-balancing face wash ORGANIC SURGE will rinse away make-up and impurities without stripping skin of its natural & protective moisture. And the final beauty touch with the SPA FIND Sculpted Silhouette Inchwrap Firming Gel. This gel will tight and lift the skin to enjoy Christmas meals and bakeries with serenity.

Now you’re ready to be the most beautiful girl of the party!! Ab Fab you are, ab fab you'll stay!!"

Betrousse kindly sent me their newest box "Absolutely Fabulous" to review and show you guys, as we both think its something you'll like!
I have to confess to liking Betrousse boxes, anyway, for the reasons that you know what you are getting, so no disappointment, you're getting a box for great value and new items that you may not have otherwise had a chance to try!

So lets get on with the box!

The trademark black box, with a tissue paper lining and protective polystyrene surrounding it all!

On to each item individually:

First up is a 100g (full size) tub of Leor Facial Exfoliate Creme.

"This Facial Exfoliate Creme contains smooth pumice to naturally but gently exfoliate your face and neck. By removing dead skin cells you will notice fresher and more vibrant skin. And with our French Lavender edition of this product it means that your skin can enjoy all the benefits of lavender essential oil."

I'm not a massive fan of lavender but the scent isn't that strong.  This is a great product - the exfoliating ingredients really make your skin feel totally cleansed and nice and fresh after use. i love this!

RRP (100gr) - £11.00

Next is the 200ml (full size) bottle Organic Surge Pure & Clean Face Wash.

"With its 100% natural foaming action, this skin-balancing face wash rinses away make-up and impurities without stripping skin of its natural, protective moisture. Formulated to address the needs of oily or combination skin, Pure & Clean face wash cleanses without over-drying and is clinically tested for sensitive skin. Rosemary, peppermint and citrus essential oils combat breakouts and oiliness to restore the skin’s natural balance and leave the complexion bright and clear."

I love Organic Surge, their products are soft and gentle on the skin, and this is no exception. While it doesn't have the exfoliating aspect as the Leor, its still a nice face wash, especially when the face is feeling a little sore or sensitive.  it has a lovely scent that's not overpowering and leaves skin soft and clean.

RRP (full size) £5.49

Here we have a large 250ml (full size) tube of Spa Find's Sculpted Silhouette Inchwrap Firming Gel.

"This incredibly rich toning and firming gel contains Iso-Slim Complex, a combination of natural slimming and fat-burning agents Caffeine, Carnitine and Spirulina, blended with Soy Isoflavones skin is tightened and lifted, and cellulite is visibly reduced with the aid of natural Ivy Extract, Dead Sea Minerals and Hyaluronic Acid, known as the key to the fountain of youth."

I cant comment on its effectiveness for firming gel as i haven't been using it too long.  However, the cream is lovely. Its light, easy to work with, absorbs well and leaves the skin feeling moisturised and smooth.  It has a light scent so not too overpowering and doesn't fight with your perfume or other scents sprayed!

In the box next is a 250ml (full size) bottle of Duck Island Sensuous Shampoo.

"Stimulating the senses whilst capturing the exotic aromas of the East. Duck Island is a sensuous shampoo that will leave your hair feeling supreme, stupendous, stunning and silky smooth. We deliver this product to you paraben and mineral oil free, scented with Duck Island signature fragrance ‘Elissium’. Derived in part from the Greek for ‘paradise’."

As a shampoo - it does its job!  However, one of the things i ALWAYS look for in a shampoo is a gorgeous scent.  Sadly this smells a little like washing up liquid!  Apart from that, it does its job!  It needs a little working to get a good lather, but it comes out easily and leaves a squeaky noise when its all out!!

RRP (full size) £14.98

Last, but not least are these two lovely little items:

Both from a Swiss make called "Helenere". The tube on the left is a 15ml tube (full size) of Intensive Serum

"An intensively repairing and rehydrating serum, it ensures radiance and well-being to your skin. The perfect formula for a fresh and silky skin! Concentrated highly moisturising based on a pure and exclusive complex of extract of Edelweiss. Prevents loss of moisture and cutaneous elasticity by considerably increasing the natural hydration of the epidermis. Constitutes a real day & night nourishment for the skin."

The item on the right is a 30ml (full size) tube of 24Hr Cream

"Moisturising cream with normalising and protective properties, based on a pure and exclusive complex of extract of Edelweiss. It stimulates cellular respiration, prevents loss of moisture and fights against harmful exterior agents and UV rays. It leaves a feeling of freshness and enhances make-up."

Both items are lovely to work with.  Not a lot of the serum is required for each use, so this will go a long way.  It absorbs easily and has a neutral scent.
The 24 hour cream again has a neutral scent.  Although it requires more of the serum, this is due to the fact you need to use it on more of your face.  But it DOES still go a long way.  Absorbs fast and no greasy residue!  Fab!

Serum (full size) RRP: £32.00
Cream (full size) RRP: £30.00

As quality, content and price go - this is one of the better value boxes I've seen for a while.  All these items have a combined RRP of £118.77 but buying this box only costs £19 (plus £5 for postage).

Has anyone else tried this box? What did you think of it?  Compared to the monthly subscription boxes this is one of the boxes that offers great quality and the price is just £7 more and is allot better in pretty much most aspects of the beauty boxes!

To buy this box, click HERE or the banner above!

***Betrousse sent me this box to review on their behalf. no monetary compensation was taken, and the review is my own views and not affected by source***

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  1. I think this is one of the best Betrousse boxes I have seen x


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