Tuesday, 28 January 2014

A little Inspiration from Nails Inspire

Uk Indie brand "Nails Inspire" is quite new to the scene, having started to sell their polishes in September 2013.  But that doesn't mean they left it too late.  Far from it.  They have beautiful polishes, and i chose 3 to show you.

So i had to ask even though its kinda obvious to why Kim Marie (the maker and creator) picked the name "Nails Inspire".  She said
 "I have always loved the word "Inspire" you can be inspired to do something or designs you have created can be used as inspiration to others so I wanted to inspire people with nails "

The first bottle Kim Marie sold was Strawberry Jellie, and that is still for sale now, and it is one of the ones i have to show you - it is amazingly lovely!

So these are the three I received just before Christmas (which will explain the names!) And I'm so sorry to Kim and you guys that it's taken me a while to review them. The last few months of 2013 was a time when nothing went right and normality flew out the window!!
Anyway! Getting back to normal!!

First up. Which I have to say is my favourite of the three is the very pretty and very dainty "Frosty Morning".  This is a thermal and I have tried to show you pictures of it in each stage.  When warm the polish changes to a crystal white leaving the cold parts- the edge of your nails - a lovely blue.  It also gives off a gradient effect and has a slight sprinkle of glitter that twinkles every now and then.  Love it!

Next up is the "Strawberry Jellie".  This is a beautiful polish with a jelly consistency, but applies lovely.  Three coats to get a totally opaque coverage.  The pink is bright, but not neon bright, a great pink without looking too "barbie- ish"!  A generous sprinkling of glitter and this is one great girly polish!!

Lastly is "Fairy Lights".  This is also a thermal polish, but with the weather being so cold at the moment it took me ages to get the colour to change!! In the end i held my nails over a heater for a short while!!  Cold its a lovely pink with multi sized glitter.  It turns to a very pale pink, almost white when its warm.  The pictures show the polish in different stages, but, there are only slight changes in the pictures when i WAS able to get it changing!!

Lovely polishes, Kim Marie is a lovely lady, friendly, helpful and has a genuine passion for her polishes and it shows.
I asked what was next for Nails Inspire and she answered "This year there will be NI Polish Kits where you add the pigment and glitter to create your own polish, super squishy jellies and holos"
Sounds like an ideal way for budding polish makers to have a little go at it with (that includes me!!)

Have a visit to Kim Marie's pages and you'll see the beauty of the polishes!

Happy Polishing!!

Ways to find, buy and follow Nails Inspire:
Etsy Store: https://www.etsy.com/uk/shop/NailsInspire
Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/nailsinspirepolish
Blog: http://nailsinspire-polish.blogspot.co.uk/
Instagram: http://instagram.com/nailsinspire_polish


  1. These polishes are ubber special ! love them all so dainty you are converting me :) xx

  2. Strawberry Jellie is my fav!


    Follow me too? Oh So Gawjess

  3. Those are beautiful polishes. I adore those colors. Very nice and on trend. Love Jax!!!!

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