Tuesday, 10 December 2013

The Crumpet's 2013 Disappointments

So, everyone has a view on what was good and what was bad in the nail world this year.
I read Debbie's (AKA The Crumpet) blog post and it just about hit everything on the head!
so rather than write pretty much a dupe copy, i thought id direct you to read hers!
The only thing i might think different is i did like the butterflies and stars in the glitter!! But i DO agree the influx of glitter (and Holos, i think!) were way over the limit for everyone!!

Anyway, pop over and have a read (it'll make you smile too!)
**warning swearing is in swing (and to be honest justly so!) but thought id warn you delicate ones out there!!**

Happy Reading!!
Would love to know your thoughts on 2013 - do you agree with the Crumpet? What was your bug bear?


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