Thursday, 19 December 2013

Singing the Blues with Too Fancy!

Another new brand to me, and i got the "Bluemuda Trio" and a separate one along with it that only had a limited amount released  - another blue!

The trio included:

  • Moody Blues
  • Bejeweled
  • Set Fire To The Rain
This trio isn't available as i type but Charlene is planning to release them again, and they can also be found in polish stockists that stock Too Fancy.

So onto the polish in general. Great to apply, opaque within 2 medium coats. Dries quickly and evenly.  The only down side i can find is it leaves a slight stain on the nail, so removal needs to be a bit more but it does come off.

Onto the individual!
Our weather is not great here in the UK, but i managed to grab a few light shots that show off the holo throughout the polishes. All 4 have holo but to different degrees...take a look...

This is "Moody Blues" -  the palest blue and also the one with the least holo running through it.

This one is "Bejeweled" - more of an ocean blue and a gorgeous holo and shimmery - especially in the sun!

The last of the trio is this one "Set fire To The Rain". This one is the perfect blue (to me anyway!) and has the great holo running through and a lovely shimmer that is apparent even when no sun or light shining on it.

The last one is the separate one called "Here Comes September" and has to be my personal favourite of the bunch.  A lovely blue and a fantastic holo running through it.  When the light  hits the polish, it looks almost light purple and it really brings the polish to life!

All gorgeous blues aren't they! And as a polish in general, i cant fault them. Even the first coat is nice and coverage is excellent!
Another brand i can see me going back to!!

Happy polishing Guys!!

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  1. They look gorgeous..nice collection there. :)

  2. Beautiful blue polishes!


  3. nice shade of glittery blue nail polish! I'm going to buy a dark blue nail polish too - so classy <3

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    RASSP blog


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