Sunday, 8 December 2013

REVIEW: Revlon Chroma Chameleon Polishes

i haven't put these as NOTD.
You'll see why as we go on.

So, this is the new type of polish!  Its been holo polishes for a long time, but everyone now seems to be getting aboard the chrome train. Theres duo chromes and, multi chromes, chromes with holos...! And to be fair, when they get the formation right, these are truly beautiful polishes.
My favourite I've found at the moment is Liquid Sky's Mystical is truly jaw dropping! I did a mani, and ordered a full size as Carolyn included a mini in my last order. Ive now passed that to a friend to check out as its one of those polishes that look gorgeous on pictures, but  that's nothing compared to what it looks like when it on your own nails!  So I'm now Mystical Peacock-less until my next order pops through, but i can wait!

So, yeah. Revlon's Chroma Chameleon polishes.  They had to be tried. But even in the bottle they just look like they have different depths of the colour rather than having a shift to another colour, which is a little disappointing.  These can cost you £6.49 in BOOTS. I've only just seen their staple picture....I've tried to get my bottle to look like that, and i really cant....a bit misleading maybe? Or maybe i got a duff load, I'm not sure..

As a polish to use, i cant fault it. It was smooth to apply, opaque in 2 medium-thick coats and dried pretty quick too.  Like i keep saying, the only thing letting it down is its not doing what its name claims.
Let me show you.....




See what i mean? Nice colours (as a single colour) and a great polish to work with, but a chameleon chrome? I cant see it in any of them myself.
But i thought there must be another way to make it come alive.
Rustling through my collection i plucked out Enchanted Polish "Ice Castle", a beautiful holo top coat that adds that extra wow to the polish. I then put them side by side, and there is a great difference, and it brings the non-chameleon polish more to life.

Where did i get these Revlons? Amazingly, in the poundshop.  For £1, its a good polish as long as you're not expecting them to be the chrome colour shifting it claims to be.

Id love to know if anyone has other findings on these? Maybe i got a bad batch? Or maybe I've been spoiled with the standards that alot of the Indie polishes give themselves!

what do you think?
Anyway, i couldn't put it as my NOTD as its not really a NOTD, just a review of them - had they lived up to their name, perhaps they would have been. But i do have some Indie chromes which ill be reviewing soon, and when you see them, you'll see the true meaning of the term chrome polish!

Until then, as always happy polishing!


  1. Claire, I bought some of these too as you did from the wonderful pound shops.......they are great polishes but there isn't any colour shifting in any of them............great polish shame about the shift lol. Thanks Claire xx

  2. Thanks for posting these Claire! I bought a few of these in Poundland a couple of weeks ago, but I've not got around to trying them out yet. Don't think I'll be in any rush now............maybe they'd work nicely together for a gradient or water marble?

  3. Never tried but love the shades xXx

  4. I bought Tanzanite and Aquamarine (at full price when they came out - have since seen them in Poundland!) The duochorme shows up (a little) using my lighting set up, but not in natural daylight or sunlight. They are a disappointment.


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