Saturday, 14 December 2013

NOTD: ILNP (I Love Nail Polish): Birefringence

A mouthful of a name, huh!? I had to google this as it intrigued me - its not the normal polish name is it?

So, the word BIREFRINGENCE (According to Wikipedia) literally means:
"Birefringence is the optical property of a material having a refractive index that depends on the polarization and propagation direction of light.....

Birefringence is responsible for the phenomenon of double refraction whereby a ray of light, when incident upon a birefringent material, is split by polarization into two rays taking slightly different paths."

I think this is pretty much on the spot - this polish is not a duo chrome - oh no - this baby is a multi chrome.


I have found a new love of a style of polish!!

Yes i know alot of bottle shots, but was desperately trying to get the colours hiding to show!!

2013 was undoubtedly the year of the holo.  The last two or three months has seen the increasing arrival of the Chromes - and when the polishers get them right, they are AMAZING.

And this one - is in the amazing pile!

ILNP has released a new line of Ultra Chromes which are going down a storm, and so easy to see why.

These are my first ILNP (i bought others, obviously!) and i can already see me going back for more - they are truly beautiful colours, amazing effects and such an easy polish to work with.

Two quite thick coats worked best for me. i tried thin coats but it dried too quickly and caught my next stroke, looking not very neat!  Base coat and top coat of Poshe and the most beautiful polish that you cant stop looking changes in every light you turn it.

I tried to take pictures to capture the true beauty, but its pretty impossible to show it - i can only suggest (or recommend!) to get one for yourself!!

I have more ILNP that I'm itching to try after this beauty, but i do also have other brands with chrome, and after reviewing the Revlon Chromes (HERE), its clear that the at the moment, the Indies are definitely getting it much more right than mainstream....i hope this balances out as so many people only buy from Boots, Superdrugs etc and have no idea about these gorgeous Indies, so think that they're getting a Chrome, when in fact, they're not.....

Hoping this reaches some of the polish buyers!! Links to ILNP are below - be sure to check them out, you'll fall in love, i promise!

As always, happy polishing!!

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