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BOOK MONSTER PROMO **REVIEW**: "McQuade" by Lynn Richards **REVIEW ADDED**

The Lone Wolf Takes A Mate




McQuade Jenner was a lone wolf.
He didn't need some antiquated idea of one mate for life messing up his perfect bachelor lifestyle. On any given night he could find a biker groupie–human or shifter–reckless enough for a one-time fling  with a wolf. He could bed a woman when he felt the need and go home to the solitude he enjoyed. And that's exactly what he'd intended to do the night Rose Spencer walked into his life–alone, wet, and trouble just waiting to happen. He’d never intended to get involved with the innocent Rose–she was a life-time commitment and McQuade didn't do commitment. But what was a wolf protector supposed to do when the woman his wolf wanted was threatened by a low-life lion shifter?

Rose Spencer wasn't the bar-scene type. She'd never have stepped foot inside the shifter bar unless she’d been trying to protect her sister–again. When would she learn that Alice was quite capable of taking care of herself–and that she was the one suddenly in need of protection?

Rose realized she’d made a grave mistake the moment she’d opened the bar’s metal door. Inside were roughly fifty men, and a handful of women. And not one of them was Alice. Why did that not surprise her? She’d probably already found a ride home, having hooked up with some other loser. Who else would she find in a biker bar?

Rose knew how to size up people, especially men. As an emergency room nurse, she’d learned that lesson quickly. Some of the men in the bar were humans but most were shifters. They were all big, bad men. And not in a sexy way. Well, maybe one of them was. The one lounging in a chair toward the back was quite possibly the handsomest man she’d ever seen—a ten in a room full of zeroes. He was smokin’ hot. The quick glance she’d had of his chiseled face and muscular arms had almost made her lose her breath. Everything about him was dark–from his hair and skin to his shirt and jeans. Not to mention the aura surrounding him. He was the epitome of tall, dark and handsome… to say nothing of dangerous.

Immediately her mind went there, wondering how all that testosterone would feel unleashed on her. She wasn’t very experienced but she wouldn’t even mind if he liked it a little rough. The thought of what else he might like sexually had her panties soaked in seconds.

Lynn Richards is actually the pseudonym chosen by two best friends who started writing together back when they were both young and idealistic. Though no longer exactly young, they are still best friends and still pretty idealistic. They enjoy reading (and writing) romances ranging from sweet and pure, to spicy hot and erotic and  love hearing from their readers. Please E-mail them at 

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Ok, so this is probably one of many books where theres a "lone wolf" - you you just KNOW hes not gonna stay LONE by the end of the book!

Thing is, although i knew how it would turn out, i really enjoyed reading this!

We start the book with McQuade sitting alone in a bar in a Shifter Bar looking for a girl to hook up with for one night - thats all he ever wants - an itch that needs to be scratched, an that one night and no commitments is perfect for him.

In walks human Lisa.  Drenched from the rain, with hair looking like rats tails and make up streaming across her face.
McQuade is suddenly mesmerized.  Like alot of the shifters in the bar - the lions in particular.

He watches her movements and sees when she goes to the ladies that the lions are there to try to intimidate her. He pulls her away saying "MINE" but as she has no scent of him on her, the lions taunt him...leaving him with little choice but to mark her...for her own safety of course.

He fights the pull of Lisa....and oh does he fight it!

He decides that one night with her will satisfy his cravings for her.......

but you know it wouldnt.......

good, sexy read, really enjoyable!


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