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BEWITCHING TOURS:" A Wolfs Song" by Shannon Phoenix

A Wolf's Song
Supernaturals Now Book 1
Shannon Phoenix
Genre: Paranormal/ Shifter Romance, contemporary
Number of pages: 254

Consigned to a life without his soulmate, who died 400 years ago and can no longer reincarnate, Hamish has lived the life of a satellite werewolf, always on the fringe of society.

A former policewoman who fled the force due to her ability to read minds, Desiree has taken refuge in the wilderness of Colorado. Now a Forester, she finds herself under attack. When a wolf kills the men attacking her, she locks him into a cage, unaware that it's a werewolf in his wolf form.

Destined to be together, Hamish and Desiree are torn apart as his past comes knocking. Now Desiree must overcome his past and learn the truth of her own nature.

Hamish blinked at her. "Stand behind a chair?"

"Are you a nudist or something?" she blurted at him. "You're naked! Go stand behind a chair or sit down or whatever! I don't think my clothes will fit you." She turned bright pink and turned away from him.

Of course she was uncomfortable, he realized. She was a human, and humans didn't do 'naked' well. He sat down, sprawling comfortably in a chair. Healed and having eaten his fill as a wolf, he was comfortable now. As comfortable as he could be in a house filled with the scent of clean, beautiful woman.

"So weren't you shot?" she asked him, as if reading his mind.

Shifting uneasily at the thought, he said, "I was. When I shift under the full moon, it heals me fully, no matter what damage I've sustained. If I live during the full moon and am touched by its rays, I will be entirely whole when I shift and after."

"So...werewolves? When will the great announcement of your existence be?" She was speaking indirectly of the vampires admitting their existence to humans now that they believed they wouldn't be hunted down and killed on supposedly false premises.

"Never. We have no desire to experience the persecution the vampires have opened themselves up to. You can never speak to anyone of my existence. If you do not feel you can keep the secret, then I can have the memory removed for you."

"Persecution?" She positively bristled as she faced him. "How can you call that persecution? They enjoy the same rights as humans! Their blood drinking is now protected by law. Where's the persecution?"

"They had the same rights as humans before when everyone thought they were humans," he told her, watching her pace in agitation, her hands trembling on the cup of coffee she held. "But now they are hunted again by extremist groups, where before that when no one thought they were real anymore, they were safe."

"Well, that's absurd," she snapped at him.

He watched her run her hand through her hair and felt the attraction he had for her go into overdrive. He scooted the chair in and leaned against the table to hide it. No wonder humans felt so uncomfortable while naked. It wouldn't be so bad if they were both naked and if they knew each other better, but as it was...

He dragged his mind, kicking and screaming, back to the subject. "Not as absurd as you might think. Only humans really have human rights in the eyes of humans. Vampires aren't even allowed to marry or to own their own homes or businesses."

"Really?" She shook her head. "I didn't know that."

Coming Soon
A Gargoyle's Might
Supernaturals Now
Book 2

Ivory hates life. She was entombed in magic for hundreds of years, enduring isolation and hopelessness thanks to her mother. When she emerges, she finds herself on the verge of insanity. The world has changed and all she knows is what she's heard or seen while people thought her to be only a statue.

Only one person remains with her through it all, the gargoyle, Lincoln. Raised for the last years of her life as a human woman by her mother, a dryad, Ivory has come to believe that she is special, unique, and important. More importantly, the entire time that she was a statue, she had believed that Lincoln loved her and was devoted to her.

When he doesn't declare his love, and seems distant, Ivory shuts down.
If Lincoln can't help her to see that what makes her special is her heart, not her beauty, she will become the vessel of annihilation for all the races of Earth. If she realizes that love is more than servitude, she will become one of the greatest gifts in the fight against the encroaching evil

Shannon Phoenix always wrote stories. She watched the characters take on their lives within her mind, and began to write down what they were doing. She would write the stories and then let them go. But a few years ago, she got caught writing those stories. You know... those stories.

To her surprise, the person who found her stories loved her characters as much as Shannon did. She tentatively allowed others to read the stories, as well, and it was from that first foray into the scary world of letting others read her 'little tales' that Shannon Phoenix Books was born.

Shannon lives in New Hampshire with her husband, her daughter, and their family cat. Her full time job is parenting, her part time job is as a mother's helper to a family friend, and her passion is letting the characters in her mind out on paper--or keyboard, as the case may be.

Welcome to Shannon Phoenix's Books. May you find the magic in your own life.

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