Monday, 2 December 2013

Beauty Advent Calendars 2013

I used to love advent calendars as a kid and loved them even into my early  20's.
Its kinda staggering to believe that no one before last year had really thought about marketing an advent calendar specifically for adults. GENIUS! And also mind boggling as to why it hadn't been done. EVERYONE loves advent calendars!

Its the not knowing whats behind the door (even if its chocolate - but what chocolate is it!?? Which great shape do you get to nibble today!).  The surprise - its always the surprise.
Last year Latest In Beauty (LIB) pretty much ruled the Christmas Advent one else had a make up/skin care one (well, not to my knowledge and not marketed very well - i apologise if there were others!). There was one Nail Advent Calendar that i was aware of and that belonged to Ciate. It was a generic box, and was filled with mini bottles of polish and toppers. It had its own staggering price tag, and what they went for on a certain auction site, would make your aw drop!

So all in all it was a bit of a mixed reaction.

Because LIB owned the make up/skincare advent corner of the market (even if it was for just one year), it was greedy. It asked for over £60 for each of these calendars, stressing how limited they were. So loyal LIBers bought them and were extremely happy to have got one.
Roll on one week, and LIB reduced to the calendars to £ say that the people who bought it were outraged is an understatement. I would have been too. I was lucky to get it at the cheaper price, but only because i couldn't afford the previous price tag.  it spoilt it a little for people, but they still opened their doors like everyone else, and the profits were swept away.

This year - OMG, there is nothing i don't think there ISN'T a calendar for.

from top to bottom, going left to right!

  • Benefit Advent Calendar
  • Taras Talons (picture courtesy of Charlie from PMP) (Tara actually did 2 types - one polish and one for Nail Art items)
  • Lancome Advent calendar
  • Liz earle Advent
  • Boots Advent
  • You/LIB Advent
  • The Body Shop Advent
  • Selfridges Advent
  • Yankee Candle Advent
  • Ciate Advent calendar

And I'm pretty sure theres a whole lot more but these were the main beauty ones that were made available.
Majority are long sold out, this post probably would have been better to have been done in November, but i was writing a post about the ones I've got and realised the into was a post in itself, so here it is!

Last year my mum and i shared the LIB calendar, and i wasn't blogging then, so no record of it.
So this year, i thought id share our door openings with you, on another post!

Mum bought the Boots one, and i bought the one from Tara's Talons (a UK indie polish maker).

This was released on a certain day. I know this as my mum sat on her computer that morning refreshing her page until she could get one! As far as i know these flew out the doors - cheaper than LIB and you know with Boots that you'll get some good makes.
Sorry to be the bearer of bad news, but this had sold out a long time ago.

Picture Courtesy of Charlie
from PMP
The other calendar that i bought was from UK Indie maker Tara's Talons. I didn't get the Ciate last year, but not for want of trying - but in hindsight I'm glad i didn't. i know many that were disappointed and you began to see mini Ciate polishes for sale in so many places.  What i think frustrated the buyers too was the amount of "caviar" bottles they got - those little fiddly balls that sit on top of the nail. Its not everyones cup of tea.
So when Tara announced she was going to do a limited amount, i knew i wanted one of hers. Ive bought polishes off her in the past and i love her work.  So pre ordered it, paid for it and this is what it looks like when its hung up with the polishes all individually wrapped! (must have took ages!!!)

if you want to see what we get behind each of our numbers, the post will be up soon, as although its the 2nd December, i cant open mine till i get to my mums and she cant open hers till i get there, so it will be a few days opening them in one go!!

Did you manage to get an advent calendar? did you get the one you wanted? Any disappointment, or nice surprises?

Me? I'm trying to close my eyes when i see someone has opened the Boots and Tara's!!!


  1. I've not even got a chocolate advent calendar yet! I love the look of the Tara's Talons one though, such a lovely idea :)

    Jess xo

  2. oh girls!!! You so needed to have one!!!
    When i get to my mums ill be blogging the door openings, not the same as having your own but still!
    Im wondering if any will get lowered in price as the days go on...keep an never know!


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