Thursday, 12 December 2013

An RAOK....For Me!!!

If youre anything like me the first thing youll ask is "what the heck is an RAOK??!!"
Until this last few weeks i hadnt heard the term until a friend mentioned it on facebook in passing!

What does it stand for? (Apologies to those who are up with the text abbreviations, im way behind!) - Random Act Of Kindness.
Simple as that!

But while the term may be simple...the actual act itself is incredible, so kind and thoughtful and makes you think "ive got a friend who thought of me to do an lucky do i feel?"
This friend, i met by total fluke while crossing paths on a nail polish for sale thread on Hot Deals UK.  We kept chatting and here we still are!  We've swapped polishes, traded, doing joint buys to save pennies on delivery.  Shes got a heart of gold and is just a lovely person and i DO feel so very lucky that she thought i could use this to cheer me up (she wasnt wrong, ive had a bad few weeks!).  And it wasnt just me, she did a good few others too who were just as overwhelmed as i was!

so what did she get me?  I thought it would be a couple of polishes, so when a big box from the Body Shop came with the postman i was a bit baffled! Opened it up for this to greet me:

Nestled inside was 4 little sets that made me ooh and ahh!

Each one is:

This gorgeous honey scented set has 2 of the bottles of shower gel and a Bath Lily ( i always called them a pouffee thing - but that little netted ball!)

Next up - and for a chocoholic (like myself) this smells like heaven!!
this cute set has a Chocomania shower cream, a really cute heart shaped soap and another bath Lily (not complaining about that - its what i use to scrub clean, so the more the merrier!).

And then Kay hits the nail and hand aisle (well online!):
First up is an Absinthe Mini set - this has a purifying absinthe hand cream and a cute green nail file.

The last (but by no way certainly least!) is the Ginger Mini Manicure Set:
This scent is season limited and i would totally recommend getting something - ANYTHING- with this scent -its gorgeous and it comes with a matching nail file with mini gingerbread men!! Love this one!!

Kay, theres nothing i can say to convey how much this meant to me, you knew i was having a rough time with my health, and life and this was just a cheer me up i needed!


  1. This is so sweet, I wish more people were this thoughtful!

  2. i know! I was bowled over and so lucky to call her a friend :)

  3. Kay is a true gem xx
    lovely gesture


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