Friday, 27 December 2013

Advent Calendar Daily Openings 2013 (Boots and Tara's Talons) **THE END**

So, i started a post about the advent calendars we (myself and my mum) have to open, but it kinda got lost in showing what had been released this year, so i thought a new post for it was apt.
We have the Boots Calendar and also the polish calendar from Tara's Talons.

You may notice that there is 7 straight away, and that's purely because i didn't arrive home until yesterday and we waited to open them together!
And so this is where it starts!

Ill do the advent calendars in separate blocks, so it doesn't get too confusing!



As a lovely extra, Tara gave a special polish to open on Christmas Day - a full sized bottle, a lovely green, called "Merry Christmas"

So far, so good i think!!
A bit disappointed with Days 4 and 7 with Boots sample sized perfume that were both half full (not good).
Loving Tara's and hope they keep on being lovely! (which i think they will!)

Hope you're enjoying your advent calendar if you got one, and if not, then share mine with me and mum and see what Boots and Tara had to offer!

16th December
Very happy with Tara's calender! a little disappointed with to be honest. Too many of those piddling perfume samples in it.  There has been some nice items, but its felt like an "oh" when you opened the door ( and omg how HARD are they to actually get out! We have to get a knife to prise each day out of its plastic casing!)....Not sure if we'll be getting the Boots one next year.....

22nd December 2013

Still loving Tara's calendar, and plan to do a post with all the polishes on (that will probably take a few days to write up!) but i can't wait to try them!
The Boots one....still disappointed in it.  The perfume samples are disappointing and there's so many of them.  Still don't think we'll get this next year...How have you found your Boots calendar?

27th December 2013

So! Both Calendars opened fully now!
STILL disappointed with the Boots one, and highly unlikely we'll be getting that one next year.
Tara's Talons - i LOVED it! From the felt tree to opening a different polish each day and i don't think i disliked one of them!
My plan - as you may have noticed that i haven't put the polish on - my plan is to do one big post to show them all off - this will take a while to do but i promise it will be done!

So? How did you find your calendars? were they more than you expected or were you left disappointed by it? Would you buy the same again next year?

I think its a fun thing to do, i loved them as a child and the adult ones have potential to be just as great!  Next year might be even more choice than this year...!!


  1. you have just reminded me that i need to open mine! im a few days behind lol some great prouducts there


  2. I wouldn't want to see those perfume samples either to be honest x
    Beautyqueenuk xx

  3. I'm loving my YOU Beauty one it's fab! x


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