Friday, 27 December 2013

12 Days of Christmas Secret Santa **THE END!!**

OK, so you know i belong to alot of nail groups on Facebook, but i also belong to a couple of beauty groups.  Only a couple.  One of them, is a lovely place to be and the girls are wonderful, friendly, kind and have good hearts.

It is in this group i decided to join in the Secret Santa.  The terms for this one was "12 Days" - from the 14th December (today!) opening one present up until Christmas Day. Each day gets progressively more - in price, in content etc.

After being matched up, it wasn't so much a Secret Santa...but my partner was it was Santa Gemma!
Her box arrived yesterday (after a total cock up from Parcel Force sending BACK to Gemma.....when i received the box, it was gob smacking they could be so blind - my details were in big bold letters in the middle of the front and Gemma's return address was actually labelled "SENDER" and in the corner of the box.....hmmm yeah frustrating when Gemma had forked out for 24hr delivery...!) Anyway, enough about the failings of the courier...

So, these are all my prezzies!

This is my first day, and i unwrapped.....

I LOVE BB Creams!! So this is perfect for me!

Oh come on!! How could i NOT like this little set!! Its so cute! I love it!! :D

This lip balm is the best ive tried, next to Balmi and tastes GORGEOUS!!

Im so happy i got Gemma as my santa!

Day 4 - the only word that comes to mind is YUM!!! Its not Christmas in our house with Ferrero Rocher!!!

Fifth day brings a book! I LOVE to read, and this looks a great read!!

These bath salts smell GORGEOUS!!! Total pamper time is overdue i think!!

And THIS - i love! I've been itching to try it but never got around to buying so really pleased!

ok, to Day 8 - i LOVE everything in this, including the very nice box they all came in!

Day 9 is this gorgeous travel beauty set,and the colours are perfect for me! So pleased!!

Day 10 - i LOVE this!!! I LOVE the holder and the cute gingerbread men and the candle scents are EXACTLY what i love!! Big smile with this one today!!!

Day 11

A great Nip & Fab set - i love to try new creams, so this is perfect for me!

And the last day.....
A tower of Beauticology bath bits!! Smells heaven, and i intend to take full advantage of a pamper session using these soon!!

Cant wait to see what else i unwrap......
Soon find out...!!

Gemma! You have been an amazing Secret Santa, i hope you liked my 12 days to you, i feel totally spoiled with everything you got me, thank you so so much!!

Hoping to do this again next year!
Sadly there were some ladies who joined in, received their 12 days but then didn't send theirs out - Swaplifting is a horrible, mean and cruel thing to do, especially when they received gifts centred on them and to then ignore the group and the kind ladies that took part.
Swaplifting is highly frowned upon, and unfortunately there's allot of people out there without any morals who happily do this.
All i can say is....KARMA.  What goes around DOES come around again, and i hope they're shunned from ever doing a beauty swapped again.

Luckily, these people were found out and banned from the group and will be told about to others.  Theft is always wrong in any form.

Happily there were many happy ladies with their secret Santa, and I'm super glad i got Gemma, thank you so so much for being my Secret Santa this year, i hope next years can leave the big shoes you've left to fill!!!!

Enjoy the rest of the Christmas season everyone and i hope 2014 is a brilliant year for you!


  1. OOh what a fab idea and a good first day of opening x
    Beautyqueenuk xx

  2. This is such a great idea, looking forward to seeing what else Gemma sent you! :)

    Jess xo

  3. Oh wow! What a cool idea! Can't wait to see what else you received.

  4. oh she's such a nice person! glad you are having a good time:
    I have followed you via bloglovin, please follow me back (you requested in bookblogs)
    thanks and merry christmas

  5. thank you hun i loved doing this box for you and i loved everything u sent me. so glad i was your partner and brought a smile to your face

  6. Wow hun , gutted I had to duck out of it but I'm a way glad, I'm happy you got 'spoilt you deserve it xx


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