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SIA by Josh Grayson
Release Date: 11/20/13

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When seventeen-year-old Sia wakes up on a park bench, she has no idea who or where she is. Yet after a week of being homeless, she’s reunited with her family. At school, she’s powerful and popular. At home, she’s wealthy beyond her dreams. But she quickly realizes her perfect life is a lie. Her family is falling apart and her friends are snobby, cruel and plastic. Worse yet, she discovers she was the cruelest one. Mortified by her past, she embarks on a journey of redemption and falls for Kyle, the “geek” she once tormented. Yet all the time she wonders if, when her memories return, she’ll become the bully she was before…and if she’ll lose Kyle

Josh Grayson was born in Mexico, raised in Massachusetts, and now lives in Martinsville, Virginia. It was his move to the South that stirred his imagination and gave him the courage to start writing. During his free time, Josh enjoys reading, jogging, swimming, and watching YouTube videos.
Josh currently works as a medical driver, shuttling people all over Virginia and North Carolina. He has also worked as a machinist, film sales rep, administrative assistant, and telemarketer (he apologizes if he called you).

Sia is his debut YA novel.

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A kind of lesson in a book to take a long look at yourself and if you like what you see...

Sia wakes up in a park. No memory AT ALL. The only reason she knows her name is its on the ipod she has - the only thing she has on her, besides a bright pink teeny tiny running shorts and top.

She spends the day trying to find out where she is.....confused, scared, she learns her lesson about trusting strangers when the first one turns violently on her.
Even more scared, she spends the day running.

Eventually exhausted, she takes shelter under a bridge along with some other homeless people.  She even makes a makeshift weapon out of a bottle and fitfully rests.
An older woman called Carol takes Sia under her wing, and shows her the way of living on the streets and she and Carol stay together for the next 9 days.

Someone recognises Sia in the soup kitchen and yells at her and almost looks like he hates her.  she bolts out to be hit by a car........

Waking up, she finds she has been recognised and her parents are there.  Sia still doesn't remember anything.

Shes gobsmacked to see she is wealthy.  She is also popular. The head cheerleader, dating the schools quarterback.

Sia returns to school and learns who she was before the amnesia.  Its an eye opening shock for her.
Shes horrified at who she used to be.  And is determined to be this new Sia.

She is shunted from groups alike, shes alone and she has to work out how to show everyone who she is now, and try and find a place.  She is different at home too, her parents shocked at the new Sia.

A real feel good kinda read and although it all revolves around Sia having amnesia, it shows that a leopard CAN change its spots...if it tries hard enough....


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