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TASTY BOOK TOURS: "Full Moon On The Rise" By Natalie Carlisle **REVIEW ADDED**

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Someone in Emerson Fox Academy is determined to kill him, and Kale Rollins doesn’t know how much more he can take. And on top of everything, his adopted mom has “disappeared” and his real brother, Trey, is leaving just when Kale needs him the most. Not to mention, Miller and Kit are getting too close for his comfort and there is nothing he can do about it.

Frustrated, scared, and struggling for “control” Kale doesn’t trust himself at all.  With the full moon on the rise, Kale soon realizes he isn’t the only one who might die.

What he wouldn’t do to be normal these days…

On most days the lake looked calm and serene, but today the rain bounced across the surface making it look like a boiling pot. Thunder continued to rumble in the distance, but it was still too far away to concern them.

     There was nobody else out this way, not in this weather. As they neared the bridge Kale caught a whiff of decay from what he knew to be the near bottomless layer of tree-debris that weather, water and time had mulched into black muck along the shoreline.

     The old bridge creaked under their feet and halfway across Kit slipped on the algae-slicked, wet planks. He caught her before her knees slammed against the wood.

     “Whoa, easy.” He pulled her upright. Then reached down, picking up her notebook, handing it back to her. Since they were standing directly under the open sky, the rain felt heavier, harsher. Kit’s platinum hair looked golden brown and raindrops trailed down her cheeks like teardrops.

     “Stupid rain boots,” she grumbled, irritated as she glanced down at the bottoms of her boots. “They have no grip on them.” She blew out a breath. “I mean, really what’s the point.” Shaking her head, she looked back up, her expression softening when Kale smiled at her. She blinked against the rain. “Thanks for catching me.” His lips curved more. “And for walking me this far. I really appreciate it.” The rain even darkened her eyelashes, outlining her amazing eyes.  “I’ll be fine from here though. You should head back.”

     It was really hard not to keep staring down at her, but Kale pulled his gaze away toward the other side of the bridge. She must have sensed his hesitation because she added, “I’ll see you in Professor Stilts’, okay?”

     The sound of the buzzer went off behind them signaling the start of his next class, but he still didn’t move. He just kept his focus on the trees.

     “You should really go,” she urged.

     She was right. He had missed way too many classes already, but he just wasn’t fond of the idea of her walking outside school grounds alone. “Do you even know where he is?”

     “Of course,” she said simply. “Imprint, remember?”

     Oh, yeah. He remembered that all right. And he was still pissed that the imprint he used to share with Kit had been broken. It would have been a lot easier if he and Kit were still together, together.  For starters he wouldn’t have to be standing out in the rain right now so she could go run off to another guy.

Natalie Carlisle currently lives with her husband and two dogs in New Jersey but misses the mountains of her hometown in PA every day. When not writing, Natalie can be found reading, drawing, painting, watching chick flicks, taking pictures of nature, running (when her knee is being cooperative)and hiking. She loves being active though lately most of her time is spent in front of a computer working on her next novel.

This feels like i've come into the story a little late. Im not sure if one book has been written before, i cant see but it does feel like im playing catch up.

Emerson Fox is a school especially for shape shifters. Mainly to get them to learn to control the shifting so they can be safe when they go into "normal" society.  Some education is done too!

For some reason Werewolves are hated, feared and killed on sight.  We follow Kale who initially joined the school to protect younger brother Scout.  Somehow along the way, Kale has discovered he is a werewolf.  He has to keep this as hush hush as possible - not easy when the way shifters change in this book is by emotions and adrenaline. The students wear a wristband to stop them from shifting, but it lights up if the wearer, had they not been wearing it, would have shifted.

Kale seems to attract trouble!  There are shifters out there determined to expose him.
First he trips a trap in the woods specifically to hold werewolves.  Former student shifters are taking advantage of this to try and make him reveal his werewolf side, but Kale manages to escape this time by Kit, his on-off girlfriend, and Miller, the guy Kit is imprinted with, despite no romantic interest -again, not sure how this happened.  The trap releases poison, so Kale is once again in the Infirmary with Mrs Fox who knows what he is and helps him.

Again, somewhere along the way, Kale has discovered he's adopted and has a brother, Trey, who have already met.  He finds out more about his birth parents, who were murdered, and learning more about who he is.

its definetly a YA book, and like i say, i think there may be a book previous to this, but it wasn't signalled as a series when i signed to review it!
A few swear words, but nothing other than that, which is what indicates a YA to me.

Written pretty well, likeable characters.


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