Sunday, 22 December 2013

Penny For Them...1 Year Blogiversary Epic Giveaway!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!The Line UP....

(Spot the deliberate mistake!)
Why ?
Well, main reason being is that my blogerversary is on 1st January and while I have all prizes in line and ready to post up - I forgot  at my mums house while the polishes are all the way back at my house!!!  
Whoops- definitely a blonde moment!!!
So new date to be confirmed but it WILL still be in January!!!
Sorry guys!!! Didn't think ahead.... 
I'm a donut!!!

Wow! Nearly one whole year blogging and I'm still going (just!) and loving it more than i did when i first started writing it!

I wanted to clue you guys in on this....
I wanted to celebrate my 1 year blogging in a Spectacular fashion and am on my little hamster wheel behind the blog to get it to the epic giveaway i will be proud to host for you.

Straight off, ill tell you three things:

  1. All the prizes are to do with Nails
  2.  its a rafflecopter giveaway - apologies if you cant get to a rafflecopter access but it is the easiest and fairest!
  3. THIS IS FOR UK ONLY!! This isn't by my choice - this is our wonderful Royal Mail system who are making it extremely difficult to get polishes IN to the UK and pretty much IMPOSSIBLE to get them out, so apologies to internationals, i hope one day the new regime will lift!
Actually, there's one last thing.

I know people LOVE to win things. I know its a great rush.
But this giveaway. THIS ONE. PLEASE i'm asking you ONLY to enter if you LOVE polishes. If you LOVE the brands and want to support them and if you love showing off those pretties where ever you go. This one means a great deal to me, and i really ask that only to enter if you love all things nails.

Ok, prize wise...all in the works still..polishes, gift cards, sets...they're all on the board.

So! Who has been fantastic enough to say they'll happily help make this a great giveaway?
Check these guys out!!

And the gorgeous Lacquerhead Lacquer polish has joined the line up!!
Each picture takes you through to the polishes store or web page. Have a look, have an ogle, and just think that one of the polishes you see could be yours if you're lucky!!

There will also be Nails Inc prize packs, and OPI prize packs, a nail arty kinda pack! Im pulling out all the stops (and although i may be sporting an empty purse, im gonna be thrilledd at being able to do a big giveaway!!!!)

Kinda cool huh!!?
This giveaway will kick off on 1st (TBC) January 2014 -my one year blogeversary date.  I just wanted to tease you all a little!! hehee!

Polish makers, if you would like to join in with the giveaway, please contact me, i would be thrilled for any more who would be happy to join in the giveaway. My Email is

SO! This is the start of it! This is the easy bit!
i now need to make up the prizes - im hoping for at least 10 prizes so you have a great chance of winning!

In the meantime, thank you so much for reading or following my blog and helping me make it to the one year mark!


  1. Congratulations on your blogiversary - well done - a year goes so quickly!!! :o). Xx

  2. WOW brilliant giveaway Claire. Congrats on your 1 year blogiversary :)

  3. hehee, not told you what the prizes are yet leigh!! ;)

    Thanks girls..cant believe im still blogging! And still enjoying it! :D

  4. Wow! What a giveaway!!
    Congrats & Happy Blogiversary x


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