Sunday, 3 November 2013

NOTD: OPI "Purple-iscious

Ok so pink for Octobers Breast Cancer Awareness may be over but that doesn't mean you wont be seeing any pinks on my blog - i LOVE pinks!
Although not the main star of this mani there is a pink here!

And of course its purple i come back to first! Actually it was a fluke, i just opened my box of Untrieds and this was on the top, so i just plucked it out.  Sometimes trying to think about which polish to wear can get you going in circles and in the end saying "sod it!" and forgetting the whole thing....hmm..i might have to do this way again!

Today's purple is from Opi and called "Purple-iscious".  Might not be known to some people as it was a QVC exclusive to celebrate their 20th Anniversary of being on television, which is still available to buy HERE if you like it!

The first thing that sprung to mind was how much it reminded me of the purple chocolate in Quality Street! You know, the one with gorgeous soft caramel with the hazelnut in the middle...the one that seems to go first!!
Its a gorgeous purple.  Not just a flat purple but has a shimmer to it tiny little pieces of purple glitter that glint when the light catches it and to top it off, it has a slight pinky duo chrome - how jam packed is that for a polish!!
Complete coverage in 2 coats and like all Opi's easy to go on medium thickness of coats is best as if you do too thin a coat, it dries quickly and anything you try to brush over it, snags and you have to start all over again!

The other colour used here - a pink like i said! Is Lilypads "Pink Sugar".  I LOVE Lilypads.  The colours are gorgeous, the polish is always a dream to use and look brilliant.
Again 2 coats with this one for full coverage.
Base coat used here was Poshe, but top coat was BB Couture Top Rock - i used this as it adds a bit more protection for the rhinestones i added on my accent nail.

The rhinestones is more than i usually put on, but for some reason when i got to the section that had squares in it, my head kept thinking "tetris, tetris, tetris..." and i couldn't get rid of it, so it had to be done!
It doesn't feel like it has 12 on the nail, and its actually quite comforting to rub my thumbnail over them!! (as strange as that sounds!!)

I do find i do alot of pink and purple mani's as i think the two colours go so well together, but I'm gonna try and do a different colour next time, and maybe just a simple normal polish mani!  I'm experimenting with different types of nail art at the moment, and sorry, I'm taking you readers along with me for the ride!  So you'll see me hopefully get a little better each time i try something....well, they do say practise makes perfect...i really hope 'they' are right!

Until next time, happy polishing!!

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  1. They do go well together. Looks like the pink fudge as well as the purple quality street sweets! :) x


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