Wednesday, 13 November 2013

H is For..... (A-Z Nail Challenge)

I know I'm moving slowly - but surely!- through the A-Z Nail Challenge but i promise to you ( and myself) that somehow we will get to Z (even with X and Z in there...*gulp*).

So this one is H....and I'm afraid i could only think of one brand, so it had to be that.
H is for......

Hare Polish

This is one of the original Indie polishes with the Etsy store opening way back in May 2011.  Its a very solid brand, well known for its constant high standards, its rabbit logo (at first it was a paper cut out of a rabbit shape on the bottle, now its a rabbit painted in detail on the newer ones).  With the Indie market flooding with new brands, it goes to show that if Hare is still up there with the sales and being bought and loved, you know you're getting something good for your pennies!

So, i thought id show of three of the Hare's that i have (I'm sure i have more, i just cant find them...which is embarrassing...its hiding in plain sight so to speak!).
Each had a base coat of Poshe, 2 coats of the polish and a top coat of Poshe to finish it off.

First is "Ancient Affairs". This is an almost pale denim blue/grey polish with blue glitter that glints in the light.  A nice colour for day wear that has that girly touch, but you wont get told off for wearing sparkly polish at work!

Net is "Pegasus". This one is a really light lilac jelly based polish with hexagonal sized white glitter running through it.

Lastly, is "Rad Cloud", a perky blossom pink with blue, purple, red and green glitter scattered throughout it -the glitter is plenty some, so no digging around required!

So, H done and dusted...!
The letter I may seem a toughie, but I've got a goody in mind for this one!.......

Ways to find Hare Polish
Etsy Store:

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  1. I'd never make through an A to Z challenge lol, great job :) x


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