Sunday, 3 November 2013

GLAMOUR Magazine Nails Inc Freebies!

This is not the first time that Glamour has had a free gift with its magazine, and not the first time its been nail polish either, and not the first time it's been Nails Inc either!

This time (December 2013 issue) has a choice of 4 different Nails Inc polish made with designer Kate Spade.
The 4 colours are:

  • Soho Silver (silver)
  • New York Noir (black)
  • Uptown Glamour (gold)
  • Big Apple Red (red)
I was lucky that my local garage had all 4 polishes as choices, but i got just the 3, leaving the Big Apple Red due to the fact I'm not a massive fan of red, and i have reds in that shade anyway.

Aside from the fact they come in little boxes and  have "Kate Spade" printed on the bottles, there's no distinguishing this from your average Nails Inc polish - which isn't a bad thing! 

These polishes went on so smoothly and had a glossy end look. The silver and gold had a great metallic look.  I didn't use a top coat on any of these and i think they look great. 2 Coats gave it total coverage.

While i had the black on last to try it, i thought id have a play and used the silver and gold to do some dotting on it, using the simple dotting tools you can pick up quite cheaply.  The one i had was in a little pack with 3 mini polishes from B&M for £1.99!  Its my first time dotting so its not perfect, but again, i know its something that will come with practise and the more i try, just like my stencilling i did the other day.

I know the dots aren't all the exact size, but again, I'm sure it will come with practise.  I guess i just want you guys who love nail art and are a bit hesitant in trying to see- it can be quite easy to do something simple like this and get a great effect!  Don't let the perfectness of the ones you see put you off trying.  everyone starts somewhere.  I'm starting here!

These polishes have an RRP of £11.  The magazine is £2.  So i spent £6 on 3 magazines and got 3 polishes that should retail at £33 - i cant deny its a great deal, and the colours are perfect for the Christmas season coming up!

Hope you manage to get the colour/s you want when you go looking, i can imagine these are flying out the shop doors at the moment, but don't give up looking!

Happy polishing as always!


  1. They look awesome. I have no NI polish, so these will be my first 4. So hoping I can get them in the morning xx

  2. Hi Claire This is a great freebie. I looked for the magazine in all the shops in town today but couldn't find any so I will look again tomorrow. I think I am going to get all 4 colours. The 3 colours you have included in your post look fab.


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