Wednesday, 27 November 2013

Carry On Cameo....!

First off, apologies! To readers and to the gorgeous polish mixers.
It has been so long since I've done a nail post. My health took a dip and just starting to feel human again!
And my nails, are not looking their best either!! Guess that's something to do with not good health, so I'm showing you four gorgeous colours on nubbins of nails (Sorry Cameo!!). BUT it does show off their beauty, and also the fact that even short nails can look pretty!!

So,yeah, returning to the gorgeous polishes from Cameo Colours. These ones are a little older than the ones i reviewed HERE but OMG, they are so gorgeous! If you can try to get hold of them (especially the jaw dropping "click three times"). id advise it!!

All four polishes were so easy to use, all had 2 coats for full coverage. Base coat used was Poshe and the top coat was also Poshe.
As brain isn't in gear, i thought id let the pictures do the

Click Three Times....this has to be my favourite of the four here. Its a striking red, gorgeously seductive sparkling fire engine red!  I don't normally like reds, but this one...this one is in a league of its own, and i LOVE it!

This gorgeous soft pink has just the right amount of glitter in all different sizes that adds that girly touch and is so pretty.

Purple rain is a pale purple - probably classed as lilac.  Oodles of glitter of all shapes and sizes that comes out the bottle easily and makes it sparkle prettily!

Wow. Regular Frankie Fan.  For Those not getting the connection think "Rocky Horror" show!  This is more jelly like than the others and has a blue and purple shifting colour.  Very pretty.

Cameo has some great new colours on her page, so go take a peek! The polishes are lovely, great to apply, great prices and a maker who has a great love for her polishes and making sure her pretties are loved by those who owns them.  What more could you ask!

Happy Polishing!

Ways to Contact Cameo Colours Lacquer:
Web Page:
Twitter:  @cameoColoursLac


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