Tuesday, 12 November 2013

Box Swap #10

Box swap number 10!
This might be my last for a while, well till after Christmas anyway!  I'm doing a 12 days of Christmas and also a "recycling" Christmas challenge which will take up the time for the rest of November and December.

Today's box swap was done with the lovely Jenna from What Jenna Thought.  She already blogged about what i sent her, so if you want to see what goodies Jenna got in her box just visit her post here.
I'm glad she was happy with my box swap, as my main aim when i do them is i want the other person to be completely chuffed with it.  And although i try to stay in budget - i never do, i always go over, and as this was Jenna's first box, i wanted to make it uber special for her.  I think she liked the box!
If you cant quite see the goodies i sent, this was them :) I was pleased with what i sent - and even more pleased Jenna liked them!

On to my goodies :)
The budget we set was £50 - this is a great figure as it leaves you with a lot to play with and have fun without too much restrictions.

These were in my box :)

Thanks Jenna!
I hope I've given you the bug for box swaps - they can be such a great thing to do!

Until the next box swap...!


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