Sunday, 6 October 2013

NOTD: Pink for Breast Cancer Awareness Month

For those who aren't aware - October is the official month in support of Breast Cancer.  There are plenty of ways to help bring awareness, volunteer and even raise funds.  A great page to look at is who can help in all ways you can imagine.

So it was only natural for this manicure to be pink.

Breast cancer is a cause close to my and my mums heart and one of mums friends is in the middle of chemo as i type and we both wish her an easy and quick recovery and hope for no complications.  Mum is doing a bake off at her work to raise funds and i know others who are doing great things to support.

So both myself and my mum did our nails last night!  As we share the same kinda taste we had to have a long discussion about how to make out nails look different.

We both fell in love with the Lilypad "wink of pink" which we both did as out main colour.  On my ring finger i decided to go silvery and chose Cameo Colours "Glass Slippers".  Each polish had a base coat of Poshe, 2 coats of polish and a top coat of BB Couture Top Rock top coat.  The ring finger also has a the breast cancer ribbon sticker on and i have to say i love this manicure!!

the Lilypad is just the perfect shade of pink with a beautiful holo running through it.  The "Glass Slippers" is a creamy white with minute pieces of glitter that catch the light and i thought the perfect base for the ribbon.

Mums manicure had the same Lilypad, but rather than a silver ring finger, she went for purple.  The purple used here was Pretty Serious "Into Your Dreams". A deep purple with a shimmer and glitter but not too much.  Again, a great contrast for the pink ribbon sticker.  On her other ring finger, i did a diagonal line of circular diamante's (which is the first time I've done something on someone elses nails, and i know its not major, but was pleased it worked!!)

have you done a pink manicure in support of Breast Cancer?
Please leave your link, i would love to see them!

My thoughts and heart goes out to those who are fighting this cancer, and wish them all the very best and hope they come out the other side safe and sound.  Thoughts also go to family and friends - you're support is most likely invaluable to that special person at this time.  Good luck and best wishes to all of you :)


  1. I love these, the pink holo is gorgeous! :)

    Jess xo

  2. Love your pink manicure, too cute :)

  3. Hi Claire, thinking of you and your mums friend. Mine is going through the same :(
    I love the design x

  4. Love your nails. Cancer unfortunately runs in my family so I always do my best to support research in anyway possible. Lovely post and I hope your mum's friend manages to fight it.



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