Thursday, 24 October 2013

NOTD: Nails Inc "Brompton X" (Breast Cancer Awareness)

After the last fancy pink mani for Breast Cancer Awareness, i thought id go pretty basic - but still very pretty, nonetheless -  with a pink and glitter combo!

I don't think any explaining is needed for the polish.
The pink used is Nails Inc "Brompton X".
The pink glitter used on the ring finger is Nails Inc "Pinkie Pink" (this was a pink glitter made for Breast Cancer Awareness)
And the glitter on the other fingers is OPI's gorgeous "Which is Witch".
Base coat used was Poshe and top coat was also Poshe.

The Brompton X is a gorgeously smooth blossom pink with a hint of a shimmer, went on as all Nails Inc generally do, and only needed 2 coats.
The ring fingers glitterfest "Pinkie Pink" is tiny circles of bright but not neon bright pink glitter that when 2 coats are applied is totally opaque on the nail.
The glitter used an all the other nails is from the OPI's "The Great Oz" collection called "Which is Witch" and is a glitter topcoat filled with small silver bars and circles that leaves a dusting effect on the top, so when the light hits it it glitters really daintily!

I used Nails Inc and OPI as i realised for most of my manis I've been using the indies which aren't as easy to get hold of, so just wanted to be able to show that pink is great whatever the make!

I think this might be my last Pink for the month, and I've loved all the ones I've tried and done as they were ALL untrieds (i know, bad me!) and i loved them all, so they're all staying too!!

Again, please link me to any pink mani you've done for the awareness, i would love to see others and what arts have been done to ogle!

As always, happy polishing...!

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  1. Such a pretty look :) I've just done my last Pink Friday
    Tracey x


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