Thursday, 31 October 2013

NOTD: Iconic Effects "Lotso" (Breast Cancer Awareness)

OK so I thought my last pink mani would be the last for the month but - nope! I've managed to squeeze one more in!

This is my very first Iconic Effects polish and I was so excited when I did my first order! The owner Kelly is such a great girl to talk to (there's a little group of us nail infatuated girls who witter together!), such a great sense of humour, pride in her polish, her customers happiness and of course that the polish is loved. Another great plus for me is that it's British!!  And that kind of shames me that's it's taken me so long to do my first order with her but I think you know me by now- if I love the first polishes I ALWAYS end up being a repeat customer! 

So this mani has the IE "Lotso" and the glitter is OPI's "Show It and Glow It" from the 2010 Burlesque Collection.

So this one is just for the lovely pink holo called "Lotso".  There will be another post dedicated purely to the IE polishes I got very soon and you'll see why they're loved!  This is "Lotso" on its glorious own:

I tried another new technique for me on my nails again for this one. I wanted the pink polish as the base and then diagonally I wanted pink glitter to be on the other half.

So I painted 3 costs of lotso on my nails and waited for about 20minutes to make sure they were fully dry. I then used striping tape to get the straight diagonal line across the nail and make it try and look neat!

For the glitter I used the beautiful Opi "show it and glow it".

Initially I started using the brush that is in the polish but it was too thick.  So I got a normal thin artist painting brush to have more control over how much and where the glitter would go.

For a first go, I'm OK with it.  Obviously, my left hand (the one you're seeing here!) is much more neater than my right hand, as its harder to get it as neat as I'm right handed, but having said that, I've done'll have to take my word for that!!

I used a top coat of Poshe to seal all the polish together and give it a fantastic glossy sheen.

I have to say, yes its probably the longest technique I've tried to date, but i love the way it looks and will probably experiment more with other colours as i think the effect is simple but great!

And i know I've said this about three times now, but i mean it this time as there's only one day left in October and I'm giving my nails the full Monty treatment at the moment (ie, naked!) so this IS my last Pink October Mani.

Its been great to do, and i hope it has brought Breast Cancer Awareness to peoples attention a little bit - i don't mean my manicures, but in general, i know alot of girls doing this too, and it feels like a connection with other bloggers to stand together and try to bring more attention to it.

I hope you've had a go with pink this month, and as i always say, if you have, please leave a link for me (and any of my blog readers) to nip over and have an ogle at, as i know there are much better and more professional looks around.  I'm a newbie compared to some out there!

Thanks for taking the time to look at the posts I've done and happy polishing as always!

If you want to find out more about Iconic Effects, follow them or make a purchase, you can find them here:
Etsy Store:


  1. What a fun way to bring attention to Breast Cancer awareness! :0)

  2. What a really pretty pink and love how you have the sparkles in the bottom photo x

    Beautyqueenuk xx

  3. Lotso is such a gorgeous polish!!! #giglove


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