Saturday, 5 October 2013

Nominated for the "Blog Your Heart Out"!!

whoop, whoop!!!
The gorgeous and lovely Melissa over at The Lucky Magpie has kindly nominated me for a "Blog Your Heart Out" award!! Im so chuffed that she thought my blog was good enough to be nominated, so HUGE thank you Melissa!

Anyway, as with most awards, i have some questions to answer and then to nominate other bloggers i think deserve to be nominated!
So onto the questions first of all!

What/who encouraged you to start blogging?
I initally started my blog on the 1st january 2013 when i decided to undertake the 100 day spending ban...i failed miserably but i got hooked on the whole blog writing and carried it on, and i still love doing it!

How did you choose what topic(s) to blog about?
After rediscovering beauty the previous 6 months before i started to blog, thats where i started.  Then i fell for nail polishes (HARD!!) and so that takes up a heck of a lot of the beauty side, especially when i discovered Indie polishes!  I also love books and reading, so i thought to combine the two in different areas and write about them alongside each other. I joined book tour hosts and that section grew very quickly.

What is something that most people don't know about you?
Two years ago i was a size 28.  I split up from my destructive partner and the weight has dropped and today im a size 18, and still losing it (hurrah!!)

What 3 words describe your style:
Bookworm, comfortable, glittery!

What do you like to do when you are not blogging?
I love to do my nails whether i blog about them or not!  I LOVE to read and always have my kindle with me.  When the weather is nice, i love taking the dogs to a big field or the beach and letting them run like crazy!  I skype with my mum everyday as i miss her and we talk for hours on it anything and everything!  The downside of living on your own - the usual household crap which i try to do quickly and out the way!

The 5 blogs i nominate for this award are:

You don't have to accept this award, If you have already completed it, However, I'd love to see you answers! Please leave the link to your post in the comments. 


  1. Whoo Hoo! Congrats on being nominated. That is pretty impressive. I am addicted to nail blogs too now. I love reading too and it's fun to get new posts.

  2. Great answers hun! I enjoyed reading it! :) thanks xx


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