Sunday, 13 October 2013

Messy Jessi celebrates the return of "The Walking Dead"!!!

A new brand of polish entered my sights a short while ago and the gorgeous maker, Jessica of Messy Jessi polishes sent me some polishes to try.
The 4 i were to try were based with the hit series "The Walking Dead" in mind, and to celebrate it returning to (American!) TV Screens on 13th October. Us in the UK have to wait a little longer as normal...!

These were great colours and great polishes to work with! The names, obviously, coincide with sayings and doings of "The Walking Dead" and i hope i did the polishes some justice!

I used a base colour with 3 of the polishes to try and show them off to the best i could.
The polish itself was a dream to work with.  Not to thick or too runny and easy to apply without accidentally going on the outskirts of your nails (but me being a messy pup might have done!!).
Each polish has a base coat of Poshe, (2 coats of a base colour if applicable), 2 coats of polish and a top coat of Poshe to give the extra shine!

OK, so onto each polish...
First one i tried was "Bow To The Crossbow" which was a gorgeous multi coloured glitterfest with a lean towards mostly silver and black.  I tossed up what kind of colour to put behind this, and after trying the different effects, it seemed that purple really brought this one to life - both the black and the silver shimmered perfectly atop this very purple polish and i think it looks gorgeous! The colour polish i used was Pretty Serious's "Into Your Dreams"

Next up was the delicious blue of "The Governor's Eye". The blue in this was deliciously dark with a gorgeous sparkle to it and i felt it needed something dark to carry it.  I went with dark navy this time using Sally Hansen's "Navy" polish.  i LOVE this one. It looks different in every light and is just yummy!

This one didn't need a colour under it,  The polish was strong enough to be done on its own, but i actually found 3 coats made it jump out that little bit more than 2, and the top coat gave it a fantastic sheen! It has little purple speckles in it which don't really sparkle, but more give the appearance of blood with bits mixed in (sorry that's a lame assessment but hopefully you know what i mean!)
This red beauty is of course "Biter Blood".

Last, but not least is the dainty pink of "Lil' Asskicker".  This comes out as a very very light pink, so it needs a bit of a boost with a base colour.  I tried a few, and settled on Leighton Denny's "Diamond Ice". It gave a solid white base for the pink to be more pinker with even the first coat.  Once you get the pink that the bottle shows, it looks a gorgeous summery colour.  Mixed in are tiny pieces of white and pink glitter pieces, not much, but enough to give a glint when the light hits it right. The girliest of the bunch!

My first encounter with Messy Jessi is a very positive one, and I'm already eyeing up some of the other polishes in her shop!
These releases are available to  buy now at $9 for a full 15ml bottle, and Jessica DOES deliver to the UK (yay!).  The store has recently been restocked so theres also other cute polishes to add to your collection!

Jessica is well aware of the postage for international ordered that adds on so many pennies to an order and to help with this she has an ongoing discount for 10% off your order to use at her store.  When you get to check out just add the code "INTL10".

If you want to find out more about Messy Jessi or to buy some of her gorgeous polishes, here's how you can:

**polishes provided for review, postage paid to get them all the way from the USA to me here in the UK!**


  1. Bow to the Crossbow is awesome. Great post :)

  2. Love Biter Blood and Lil Asskicker! These all look stunning and quite unusual :)

    Jess xo

  3. I love the first one, bow to the cross bow! It is pretty, and the glitter pieces are beautiful~~

    <3 Celly
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