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Loving Lacquers with Liquid Sky! (INTERVIEW!)

Its with a great delight that my next interview on penny For Them.. is with the beauty behind "Liquid Sky Lacquers", Carolyn.
I did a picture fest of a sample of her polishes HERE and i have to say, its her polishes that made me fall for thermal polishes! Although if you take a look at her collection, you can see that's not all the polish she does.  While some polish brands prefer to stick to one type of polish, Carolyn has spread her wings and pretties far and wide from doing a simple colour polish, to holos and thermals that have made her one of the biggest Indie brands around today!

I hope you like the interview, and id like to thank Carolyn for taking the time to answer my mind bending strange questions and still doing it without question!


   1)  Hiya Carolyn, how are things going? I can imagine its all busy, especially with the upcoming restock?

crazy busy with restock, holiday polishes, stockist orders, custom

    2) do you get time to relax? What do you do to take time out?

Who has time to relax!  Probably go see a movie or go out to dinner with the boyfriend

So onto your polishes first...

     3) Where did the name "Liquid Sky" come from?

 There is an early 80's cult film named Liquid Sky.  It's more or less about heroin (well and aliens, but that's beside the point).  So many ladies are addicted to polish that I thought "liquid Sky" was a bit more of a poetic named.

     4)  Which leads nicely to where do you get the names for the actual polishes?
Polish names?  Sometimes I have a name and create a polish; sometimes the reverse.  Every once in a while, I'll here or say something and thing that it makes a good polish name, so I write it down for future use.

      5) When did you start mixing polishes? Was there a light bulb moment when you realised they were good enough to sell?
I saw last year in IG (instagram) that some people were making their own polish, so I wanted to do it as well.  I guess I always thought I'd sell it.

      6) When did you sell your first polish and what was it?  Do you still make it?
My first polish was 5 alarm lacquer, which I still sell.  It was textured before texture was cool.  Mostly I think I didn't know what I was doing.

        7) Do you have a favourite Liquid Sky?
   My favourite polishes vary from week to week

      8) As a polish lover, i love your polishes and the variety you have. Which seems to be the most popular type of polish?
My holos are my most popular and my thermals the next popular

     9) Are there any type or any polish that has been hard to get how you imagined it and nearly threw the towel in but didn't?
So many things don't work out.  Some I'll revisit and others are certifiable duds. One revisit was something I called Cherry blossom festival which was a lumpy mess.  I went back to it and it became the more popular "Blowing Bubbles"

     10) Has there been any you've not been able to put together?

Hundreds!!!  I have many written down, but haven't made, they don't look good, or even some that look great but I never release.

     11) Do you have any personal lemmings? ;)
I don't have one at the moment.  but it varies from OPI, to indies

okay, me thinks a little about you (ill be gentle!!)

12) Ok, easy to begin with, early bird or night owl?
Early bird!  Though I love to sleep in!

    13)    what cant you go through a day without?
My vitamins!!!  I'll freak out!! 

     14)    Book worm or film buff and what type of them do you like? (comedy, supernatural etc)
Films!! (though I like TV more than movies) comedies, science dramas, and I love serial killer stuff ;P

15) What 3 things would you like to tick off your to-do-list in life?
Degree in neuroscience; finish college/grad school; get married, have kids

16) Countryside or the seaside?

Both?  Though I love lakes better than oceans

17) Come on, tell us an embarrassing secret? ;)
I was terrified of automatic flushing toilets for most of my childhood :D

18) Any pets that you snuggle up to at snuggletime?
My cat(s) I love my fat cat, Icarus, but miss the snuggles with my skinny cat, Sweetheart (she hate Icarus and won't come in my room anymore).

19) Do you do polishes as a hobby, and if so what takes up your time to bring in the pennies?
Fulltime student!  My pennies are from polish

20) Do you have any other passion apart from polishes?
The Brain!!  I'm obsessed

21) Any hints, tips for any budding polish makers?
Read the nail blogs and don't be afraid to experiment

22) Whats next on the cards for Liquid Sky?
Christmas polish, collections, expansion to retailers.

So there you have it! A little behind the polish and a little behind the maker!  Carolyn is mega busy at the moment, with a restock on the near horizon including new colours and blends.

I'm already drooling over alot of the colours I've seen, so at some point in the blog there will be another picture fest of Liquid Sky Lacquers!  These are such great polishes, and if you haven't had the pleasure of trying them, i would heartily recommend them.
Carolyn is a great person to deal with.  She has a clear love of her polish, and wants her fellow polish buyers to be happy with her polishes and with the service.  She always seems to have time to answer questions (like this nutty interview!), have a look at what is available, and just a general feeling that you can contact her regarding anything to do with her polishes without feeling you're going to be ignored or brushed off.  In this polish world, customer service is a big thing, and Carolyn has it well covered!

if you want to find any more information or see Carolyn's polishes theres plenty of ways:

Instagram- @whimsicalcolor
Facebook - Liquid Sky Lacquer
Twitter - whimsicalcolor

Other retailers: (France); (Singapore); (United Kingdom); (Scandinavia); (US)

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  1. i love the holo polishes <3
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    Cute polishes..loving it

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  3. These all look stunning! And hooray for Neuroscience, that's what my masters is in :D

    Jess xo

  4. There are some lovely shades there and how quick have your nails grown! xx

    Beautyqueenuk xx

  5. Those polishes are gorgeous! I have to check them out. The product junkie in me just went wild!

  6. OMG, i love their polishes! Most esp the fifth one :)


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