Monday, 14 October 2013

Love Me Beauty Box (September)

This box came earlier this month, and i havent had a chance to write it up, so apologies for that!

This used to be called "Beautyco Box" and as its only been around for a short amount of time, its odd that a name change was done so quickly!  But never mind, it still has the same options as it always has.

If you haven't had one of these boxes, they are slightly different to other beauty boxes, in the fact that you have a choice of 3 boxes, and you know what you're getting.  In fact, the contents of these boxes are pretty good, great sizes, some full size ones and this is the 2nd one i have got, and pretty impressed with it!

No inner box, so you open the cardboard box and greeted with pink tissue paper and this was what i saw when i opened it:

Its such a refreshing change to see good sized items in a beauty box, rather than sachets or teeny vials.

onto the individual items...
First up is Anatomicals "Puffy The Eye Bag Slayer" (full size)

"ideal for partied out peepers, Puffy The Eyebag Slayer is a cooling eye mask that will put a twinkle back into our eyes in no time and leave them looking and feeling less puffy"
Full Size RRP £3.50

Next, Matriskin Collagen Serum -Lifting Effect without Surgery (7.5ml)

"Both to prevent and to cure various signs of ageing.  It fills and reduces wrinkles since first applications and removes expression lines in just 30 days"
Full Size of 30 ml £97.81

Murad Osmolyte Tonic (15ml)

"This refreshing mist replenishes and moisturises to plump and firm skin.  The Duel-phase moisturising system infuses skin with the essential nutrients that increase cellular hydration, repair the skin's barriers and soothe the skin.  suitable for all skin types"
Full Size 15ml RRP £10.00

Essential care Lemon & Tea tree facial wash (30ml)

"This natural facial wash is a mild, antiseptic rinse off cleanser which leaves the skin scrupulously yet naturally clean, smooth and refreshed.  It is particularly suited to normal to oily or acne prone skin with its blend of organic essential oils including antibacterial tea tree for a fresh unisex fragrance"
Full size RRP's 30ml £6.00 or 150ml £14.50

Nip and Fab Stiletto Fix (75ml)

"This cooling, soothing balm is packed with ingredients to cushion, cool and protect fatigued feet.  A power packed formula this ultra reviving feet treat will refresh weary legs with uber cooling peppermint, moisturise and revive with glycerin and instantly soothe with allantoin"
Full Size RRP 75ml £9.95

The monthly boxes cost £10 plus £2.95 postage.  Looking at the items i got in this box and the RRP's, i think it was more than worth the cost, and im happy with the items ive got and will use them (which with so many other beauty boxes, you just chuck them to the side and leave them!).

If you havent yet had one of the boxes, you can subscribe here;
If youre happy to have me as a referral, you can subscribe to the box here:

What do you think? Personally, i think this is one of the better boxes on the market, and i do always take a look at their site each month but dont always get them.  As for some of the other well known, i dont even really look! I would say except for the special edition, like Glossybox released an Espa box (which i got and will review) and was worth the pennies.

Did you get one of these boxes? Whaddya think? worth it?

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