Wednesday, 2 October 2013

Gorgeous New Polish Alert!! Welcome to La Bella Vernice!

Well, new to me here in the UK - and what a delicious collection it is!

The brains and beauty behind these polishes is Roni DeVore. Roni had been "messing around" with little kits and polish for a while, but didn't start actually making her own polishes until this year (2013).  And then, nothing seemed to stop her! The shop opened in July and she sold her first polish that same day.  The first one she sold was called "Jozzi Bug" and is still available and probably will be for a while as its one of her best sellers and also made and named with her daughter in mind :)

The polishes are done in 2 sizes - a mini (5ml) and a full sized (15ml).

***There is an ongoing offer where if you buy 3 mini's, Roni will add an extra one for free! A great way to try the colours out!***

Roni sent me 3 mini luscious holos to try out for size, and i have to say, I've never been greeted with such cute bottles and boxes!!

And no wastage here, where do the little key shaped bits that are cut out go to....?
To this adorable thank you from Roni herself! Really cute touch, and its so simple, but makes you remember the polishes and where they came from!

On to the polishes themselves...
What a dream polish! All 3 were so easy to use, even in a mini bottle. Some minis don't apply well due to the brush, but this brush was spot on and applied the polish smoothly and evenly.
I used a base coat of Poshe, 2 coats of polish and a top coat of Poshe to seal in the beauty.

First up is London. a gorgeous dusky pink, bordering on light red with the minute shiny holo scattered - beautiful for any day, but the sun really loved this one!

Following this one up with "Reilyn", a cute purple with the holo scattered again.  The holo really brightens up the polish and it looks fab when the light hits the tiny particles of holo glitter!

Lastly, and this one i have to admit to being my favourite is "Rachel".  A shade of pink that really stands out, again with the same scattered holo which seems to be more obvious with this pink. LOVE this one!

All three of these polishes were really hardy and stayed on for approx 3-4 days without any chipping.  The only reason i took it off was so i could review another polish!

I mentioned an offer above where you can buy 3 minis and get one free, but Roni also has an ongoing offer of FREE POSTAGE (INCLUDING international) if you spend over $50 (which after seeing her polishes, is very easy to do and we all know how much postage can suck when buying abroad!

To find Roni, you can join her Facebook page HERE, and to buy any of her lovely polishes just go HERE.

I know I've got my eye on some, so expect to see more of Roni's pretties here!!

***The 3 mini polishes were provided in return for an honest review***

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