Tuesday, 15 October 2013

Glossybox Exculsive Editions: ESPA

So, i think the usual Glossybox's aren't the best on the market, but when they do Special Editions, i take a look and sometimes snap them up.

This was their second exclusive edition and was for the prestigious make Espa.  The contents aren't really what grabbed me, as they were the usual small sample size.  I think what sold this to me was the £30 gift voucher that came with it.  I subscribed to a magazine earlier in the year and it had a £30 gift voucher as a welcome gift, and i know how expensive Espa can be, so thought this would come in very handy when the time comes to spend it!

The box itself was way above the normal price coming in at £20 plus £2.95 (for pre-subscribers) post until 28th November, which after that date it will increase to £30 plus post.  As a side note, i don't think they'll sell many for £30 as you're not really getting as much for your pennies, and by then i also think the new wave of Adult Christmas calendars will be in full swing and companies will be vying for buyers there.

So as said, yep first thing that was in the box, was the £30 Gift Card

Two items for the shower:

Energising Shower Gel (50ml)
"The perfect way to start your day.  A mixture of zesty aromas and peppermint awaken the mind and revitalise the body whilst acting as a refreshing cleanser"
Full Size 200ml £18

Energising Body Lotion (50ml)
"The seamless follow on to the Energising Shower Gel.  Shea butter and sweet almond oil lock in moisture, soften and nourish the skin, whilst peppermint enhances clarity and aids concentration leaving you feeling thoroughly energised"
Full size 200ml £25

and 3 creams for your face:

Skin Radiance Moisturiser (7ml)
"Scientifically proven to improve skin radiance, tone and evenness.  This product will leave your skin feeling revitalised and hydrated as well as visibly brighter.  A definite party season essential"
Full Size 25ml £34

24 hour Replenishing Eye Moisturiser (3ml)
"The perfect pick me up for your eyes.  Evening Primrose and mimosa hydrate and protect the eye area, whilst Ginko Biloba smoothes fine lines and alleviates puffiness and signs of dark circles"
Full Size 25ml £35

Skin Radiance Mask (7ml)
"A fantastic brightening treatment for when your skin needs that extra boost.  Mulberry, bearberry and liquorice brighten the skin and even skin tone whilst pumpkin extracts remove dead skin cells and meadow sweet stimulates skin renewal to reveal fresher, more radiant skin"
Full Size 25ml £34

Theres no denying the items feel great, smell lovely and feels like a real treat.  I do like Espa, but can very rarely afford to buy from there, hence why the gift cards are great.  My plan? I'm hoping they have a Christmas sale and will treat myself to some lovely real treat for myself and hopefully make them last as long as i can!!

What about you? Did you buy this? Are you a fan of Espa? Or do you think this is too much to spend for the box?  would be interested in your points of view!


  1. It works out not too bad when you consider the gift voucher, might have a look at picking this up myself - thanks!

  2. I have not tried Espa. I don't think I will be getting any beauty boxes, I've not seen one yet that had enough in it to entice me to buy.

  3. I agree about Glossybox but this looked nice. We don't have this brand in the States. I am a beauty box fanatic!


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