Wednesday, 30 October 2013

G is For.......(A-Z Nail Challenge) (and a picture fest!)

Onto G!

I had a couple in mind for this, and then suddenly, the one make i should have thought of straight away popped into my head.
Ive supported this brand since it started earlier this year, and i love all the polishes and the owner Casey is a brilliant, friendly and helpful gal.

If you haven't visited yet, i strongly say go and have an ogle!!

Letter G belongs to:

Glittering Elements

It just so happens, that i had my latest order from GE come through last week, so i thought this would be the perfect time to show off a lot of the gorgeous polishes for you!
Casey is talking some time out from GE for a little while, but ill know she'll be back and making gorgeous polishes soon, so id really recommend taking a peek when you do, you wont regret it!

Her polishes are easy to use, 2 coats do a normal coverage and are just so yummy!
So, ill follow that with some yummy piccies!

Ive done reviews of Glittering Elements a few times now, if you'd like to look at the polishes she's released in the past (and keep in mind, that they just keep getting better!). My first visit was HERE and my second visit HERE

So that was my G and I'm glad i remembered about Glittering Elements as its one of my favourite Indies run by one of my favourite people, Casey.

Onto H.....and here i'm having a little problem, so i might need to have a big think!!

If you want to follow GE or find out more about them, you can find them here:

Ways to find "Glittering Elements"
FB -
Etsy Store -


  1. Why have I never heard of this brand before! These nail polishes look gorgeous. I LOVE the Enchanted Lagoon!

    Love Daniela (UK Bloggers)
    Oh Ella Bella
    P.s. I'm having a Jewellery competition if you are interested in entering:

    Happy Halloween! oxo

  2. They are fabulous!! I love the Jennifer one x


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