Friday, 18 October 2013

F is For.... (A-Z Nail Polish Challenge)

Theres not many polishes that begin with F...and worse? i have NONE!!!  I had to borrow my F from a kind friend who posted them out to me so i could carry on my challenge! (They're safely back in her hands now, and I'm immensely grateful for her kindness!!).
This one, you may not have heard of (i hadn't until i got them) but they are lovely, and yes, i have some of my very own winging their way to me soon!!

So the F this time, stands for......

Fandom Cosmetics

I love the banner. Lovers of fantasy and Sci-fi will recognise the symbols and when i visited their nail page (as they sell other beauty items) the colours and names that hit you are fantastic! I loved them! Pre-warning of a picture post overload when they arrive to me!!

Anyway, the 2 my good friend Kay sent to me were called "I.O.U" - named after the series of "Sherlock Holmes" and this one is totally fire engine red. Its a gorgeous colour.  There are glitter pieces of different sizes in the same colour (which sounds odd, but looks great!).  Apparently these glitter pieces were inspired by the cryptic apple that was left for Holmes by Moriarty in the series.

The next is one called "Wait Till They Get A Load of Me", apparently named after the superhero "Kick-Ass" (i admit this one leaves a blank with me, so may have to read up on this one!).  However the colour, which this is more like a ruby red (Kay likes red!) and has hexagons of black and red glitter pieces that are aplenty in the bottle - no digging around!

This was a great polish to use.  Medium coats were perfect for coverage, and i used 3 coats on the "I.O.U" to make the most of the red base, and the "Wait Until They Get A Load of Me" only needed 2 coats due to the added glitter that made the coverage a bit easier.
Base coat used is Poshe, then the polish and a top coat of Poshe to finish, protect the polish and add a gorgeous gloss.

Have you heard of Fandom before this? I love finding brands that i haven't come across and trying them, and as the Indie Polish is booming around us by the day, its getting harder to find these smaller brands.
If you know of a brand that isn't as well known, please let me know, id love to take a look.
If you ARE that new brand, if you would like me to review your polishes, id be delighted to hear from you. Please use the contact form or feel free to email me.

There are tons of ways to peek at Fandom polishes below, so take a minute to have a look and i think you'll love what you see!

Onto G next.....brand is already in my mind...i just need to pick a colour!!! Every nail polish lover knows that's the hardest part!! hahaaa!!

To discover more about Fandom, here's your choices!
Webstore (direct to nail polish page):


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