Friday, 25 October 2013

Beauty Box: Love Lula Super Selection Box

LoveLula is a new name for what used to be the Amarya boxes.

Alot of the beauty boxes are changing names and things around lately, which makes me kinda wonder.....why?
Does a new name mean a better box?  Or are they trying to confuse us into thinking its a different, new box? I dunno....but i saw this and for the price it was £9 - i thought it was worth a shot.

This sold out within hours, so the lower price, the name change seemed to have gone in Lovelula's favour.  The question is will it carry on like that?

This is what the picture we saw to inform us of what to expect (sorry about the Sold Out printed, should have done the picture earlier!!)
Picture Courtesy of LoveLula Box

So in favour of this box when i was buying it:
1) it cost £9 INCLUDING posting
2) The products looked good in the picture
3) it had a choice of what looked to be 3 good sized samples
4) Dispatch was done within three hours of my ordering.

On to dissecting those 4 points.  Start with the obvious..
i have to say, was i was mega MEGA impressed with the speed of delivery - next day! NO other box has ever been that quick! So good start!
HOWEVER - normal monthly subscriptions are at £10 plus £2.95 posting, so no savings I'm afraid there.

It was a slightly narrower box than the normal ones, but the same width.  It wasn't very heavy, but then the items might not weigh alot!

The samples?
not the sizes that myself and the girls i spoke to were expecting.  They gave the impression of good sized samples, have a look here.  Again, i thought "yay".  Sadly, they were the things all beauty box buyers hate - small sachets.  Not enough to "sample" the product in point down here Lovelula.

Onto the actual box.
Opened the box, to be greeted with a heap load of shredded paper and at the bottom of all that was a little canvas bag with the items inside.  No little menus like we're used to, which isn't a bad thing, but its nice to know what you're looking at if you need a little help!

inside the bag were these little goodies:


A 50ml bottle of Geilly Green Repair Shampoo. This is classed as a travel size on the Geilly Green Website and has an RRP of £5.  So this one was a pretty good item - good size to try, and makes up half the cost of the box.


A 5g tube of Dr Hauschka Toned Day Cream. I think this is also classed as a sample size and has an RRP on the website as £5. A 30ml full size would cost £28.00.  The sample is an OK size, i would have like maybe a little bigger to be able to try it for at least 7 days, but I've seen worse sample sizes!  This also costs the half of the total box cost.

Up next:

A 2ml sachet of Santaverde's aloe vera face cream.  This is the kind of sample that i feel is a little pointless. Good for one use, but i don't think you can tell if a product is good for you and your skin after just one use.  Cant find the full size to price this.

Then two items from Inika:

A 1.2g size of Inika mineral Eyeshadow - this in honeycomb.  Wow, this one surprised me.  The 1.2g can be bought as a full size and the website prices it at £14.50! Wow!  Its actually a really nice shade too, so quite pleasantly surprised with this!

The other Inika item was this:

A brow pencil in 02 Brunette Beauty.  This is a full size and again, a cracking price at £13.50.  This is probably the main item i WILL use.

So going back to the 2nd point of the items - definitely cannot fault them.  For an outlay of £9 for the items above, it was fantastic value and i wont take that away from them.

Ive spoke to a few people and they've said that they had received these items in the older Amarya boxes, so perhaps, its name change is to try and refresh the box, even with the same items included.

I'm not 100% sure of whether i would sub to the box, but i say that about all beauty boxes, as generally speaking, i have been let down by them.

I give this one its due, a few great items, definitely worth the £9 for the box, next day delivery - fab.
ill be keeping an eye on the monthly boxes that are now available to order and subscribe to.
If you've had a normal monthly box from Lovelula, i would love to know your views, opinions and feelings about the one you've received? Did you think it was worth the £10 plus postage? would you keep subscribing to it? Whats different about this one compared to the other boxes?
Any replies would be gratefully received as id love to know!

If you got THIS box, how did you feel about it? I know the 3 free sample items were a let down, but the items in the bag - were you happy with them?
Let me know!

To visit their website and have a look around, this is the link:


  1. Ooh looks like some good items here, especially for the price - the Inika eyeshadow sounds lovely!
    It's a bit sneaky the way the beauty boxes seem to be changing their names at the moment, though..

    Jess xo

  2. I have not even heard of this subscription box before but the items you got in your bag look great! (:

  3. It's quite cheap and great stuff inside! Wanna try out the day cream :D

  4. Amarya merged with Love Lula recently. The Gielly Green hair products are fantastic!

  5. would love to try the eye brow pencil <3


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