Monday, 21 October 2013

A Quick Hello and Welcome to The Lady Varnishes

The whole experience of "The Lady Varnishes" from choosing the colour, to putting the top coat on the polish on your nail, was a joy!
At the moment Kirsten has an Esty store HERE but is in the process of moving her store, so you can still buy from Etsy at the moment, not sure when the changeover will be complete but I'm sure Kirsten will tell us!

I chose 3 colours - a pink, a blue and a purple (what else would i choose! Totally my favourite colours!!).
What i didn't expect was how they were going to come presented.  And i always say its the little things that make you remember a brand and raises a smile and an "awwwww".

First off, they came in individual little net bags to suit the colour of the polish.  Upon opening the bags, there was another little extra around the lid in the form a charm! I LOVED this! I know it shouldn't make a difference to anything, but it just feels like shes taken the extra time to put them into the bags, and to put the gorgeous little charms onto them - and not the same charms - all different!

Anyway, onto the polishes themselves.
Easy to use, which i loved.  Medium coats are fine to use, but i did use 3 coats to get maximum coverage.  On the blue 2 coats may have done, but 3 coats helped the pink reveal its total glory.
so, Base coat used was Poshe, 3 coats of the polish and a top glossy coat of Poshe to seal in the polish and make it shine!

 The pink is called "Come Home With Me" and is mega pretty. Very dainty, which is why it needed 3 coats to bring its pinkness to the surface.  The little pieces of glitter are a copper colour, just a shade different to the pink polish as you can see and just adds a little more girlyness to it.  A real girly summer colour! (and check how cute that charm is!)

 This is the purple, although you can see the blue hue that shows up pretty much all the way through it, so much so its hard to define which colour group it should fall into (a problem when your polishes are organised by colour like mine!!). This one is called "Miss Marta".  Its almost a duo of purple and blue and as i love those colours - they look great together too, really different.

OK, sounds silly but i put the blue last, not because i didn't like it, on the contrary i loved it, no, its because of the charm which i loved the most - the angel wings - i literally squealed when i saw it.  THAT is so going on my keyring and staying with me!
The polish is called  "heartache" but the polish is anything but.  A gorgeous sea blue with minute pieces of glitter, so small and so not much that its lovely to see when the light hits them.

Kirsten already has some gorgeous new colours out for fall and chances our my will power of not buying any will fail utterly, but at least ill have some nice pretties to add to my collection!

if you want to find out more about Kirsten at "The Lady Varnishes" heres where you can:
ETSY store:

**polishes received to give an honest opinion, postage paid for to get the pretties to me, no other compensation was given or taken**


  1. those are lovely..... Nail Lacquer UK put little charms on their bottles too, it's such a lovely little touch! xx

  2. I love the creativity that came with the packaging (: and the polishes themselves are beautiful (:

  3. The colours are amazing! #giglove

  4. Miss Marta is really pretty! #giglove


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