Monday, 9 September 2013

Try & Review: Beauty UK Grit FX Polishes

Beauty UK to launch “GRIT-FX” textured nail polish
UK fashion cosmetics brand Beauty UK is launching its new collection of special effect nail polish.
Adding to its hugely successful Posh Polish range, the new polish gives nails a gritty/ sand texture for an edgy, street-wise nail look.

Themed around famous UK urban districts, clubs and people, the Grit-FX range brings street-chic in a range of 6 on-trend shades.

Fabric – a pearlised baby pink that mixes hedonistic highs with gritty urban beats
Shoreditch - bold, statement, pearlised blue that epitomises London’s trend setting district
Bird Cage – think bright pink feather boas and Mardi Gras madness with a little bit of rough!
Printworks – military grey, bold, urban and edgy
Kensington - sophisticated shimmering nude inspired by the high-end boutiques and opulence of London’s premier post code
Banksy – alternative, street-art inspired, rich turquoise shade

These are the equivalent of OPI's Liquid Sands, or Zoya's Pixie Dust, but at a more reasonable price.  This is Beauty UK's new line in polishes and has 6 in the collection, which they sent for me to try and review!

They all went on so so well. Only 2 coats for full coverage, and even though the brush is quite short, the actual bristles on the brush are a great size to spread the polish on the nail evenly, no going over the nail edge.

I used Nails Inc Hyde Park as a base coat and Gelous as a top coat.  I took pictures of the polish without a top coat to show the texture, and then took pictures to show how it goes smooth looking and glossy with the top coat on.

First up has to b e my favourite, the gorgeous light pink "Fabric".  You can tell in the first picture of this one the textured look, and i actually like both the textured and the smooth of this one - lovely girly pink, leaving it wide open to all sorts of nail art to be designed on to it, or gorgeous on its own!

The jaw dropping electric blue "Shoreditch".  The texture isn't as noticeable in this one, but still just about seen - this one has its own little shimmer to it without the top coat, but i think the top coat gives it that bit more of a sassy blue feel!

The almost neon eye popping pink "Bird Cage".  WOW is this a bright, smooth gorgeous pink that is perfect to brighten up your nails just on its own!  As with its paler pink sister you can see the textured look and again, both look great! I think some black or white little stickers or decals would look cute on this colour!

The shade that goes with almost anything, the light grey "Printworks". This one screams for some nail art work to be done - some bright stamping perhaps to contrast with the grey would be perfect.  The texture is most noticeable here out of all 6 polishes i think, and i do have to say i love it smooth - definitely one for some water decals over the top! But on its own, perfect for every day wear.

The gorgeous shimmery almost light gold nude colour of "Kensington".  This one looks textured even with the glossy top coat!  I honestly cant tell much difference between with and without as its glossy on its own.  I think its a gorgeous colour, perfect for everyday wear and still adding that bit of sparkle!

And last, but noooooo means least is the gorgeous deep sea turquoise of "Banksy".  Again, texture is clear on the first picture and the top coat gives this one a bit of extra gloss on it.  I love this colour on its own, but maybe a water marbling or gradient nail effect using this one would look amazing!

So, there you have it!
Six new textured polishes all about to become available!  either from or in the high street Superdrug stores for a great price of £3.49!  Almost half the prices of other mainstream brands and as you can see, have a great consistency, goes on really well with just 2 coats and 6 very different colours to choose from!

These babies are definitely sticking in my collection, i have plans for these!!

**polishes provided by Beauty UK in return for an honest review**


  1. Replies
    1. strange! I can see them...maybe make the picture larger? Its the one on the left hand side of them. Its not as strongly textured as the Liquid Sands, but definitely not a smooth finish :)

  2. I love the look of Printworks, such a gorgeous turquoise :) I saw these in Superdrug the other day and was sorely tempted then.. Great swatches!

    Jess xo

  3. I have never tried texture nail polish I actually thought it was just a gimmick but I want to try them now! Great post (:


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