Thursday, 12 September 2013

Try and Review: Beauty UK CC Cream

UK fashion cosmetics brand BEAUTYUK is set to launch a lightweight and hydrating colour-correcting cream with a clinically proven 30 SPF rating – perfect for the blazing British sunshine!
Initially launching in three shades, the unique formula contains light diffusing pigments that illuminate the skin to give a radiant and flawless complexion.
The new launch further strengthens the brand’s expanding face offering and provides the perfect foundation alternative.

Beauty UK sent me 2 shades to try - Shade 10, Natural and Shade 20, Fawn.  As I'm pale, these 2 were the lightest to try, so i started with the natural shade first.

I'm a huge fan of BB Creams, but when i tried the Loreal CC Creams back in February i was a little disappointed as none of the 3 types were light enough for my skin and made me look orange,no matter how little i used, so it kind of put me off buying CC Creams again in fear of the same colouring.  But Beauty UK has done them in shades, rather than the way that Loreal did (trying to combat tired skin, rather than using shades - one shade does not suit all!).

So the natural one.  Is a great pale colour.

Went on super well, and not much needed to cover the entire face. So, yes I'm pale, and i found this shade matched my skin pretty spot on.  There were no lines around the jaw that needed to be rubbed in, and it helped to even out the skin.
This was using just a little amount, but i wondered if it would be any different if i used a bit more.....

(again apologies for the awful piccies!!!)

So as you can see in the "during" picture there is quite a bit more dotted than in the above picture.

It FELT better, more coverage, but I'm not sure if it looks any different.  I think rather than the first application where it makes it look like I'm not wearing anything on my face, this one does look like I'm wearing something - the only reason i say this is that my lips are a bit paler on the second picture, meaning that the CC Cream has added some extra colour to my face.
I think to be honest, I'm happy with it either way.  I just wore this on its own, but it can easily be used as a base, but i wanted to see how it did on its own, and it stayed on well, not very heavy, meaning my skin could breathe, it had a neutral scent so no overpowering chemical smells that some creams can have and it helped to even the skin tone (and cover my annoying freckles!!).  A touch of lip gloss and mascara and it was good to go - a great natural look in a few minutes!

So, on to the slightly darker shade they sent me - Shade 20 Fawn.  Ok, i haven't tried this even on the back of my hand yet, and although in the Beauty UK picture at the head of this post it looks fairly light I'm a bit anxious that it will suit me!
Only one way to find out really......

So, straight away i can see its darker than the Natural shade, but not TOO Dark.  In the last picture you can see that it is a slightly darker shade than the back of my hand, but nothing that would raise an eyebrow and scream "orange"!

so gave it a go on my face (again, apologies for the mug pictures, i so prefer doing nails for this reason!!!)...

I used an amount somewhere in between the middle of the natural first and second attempts. I didn't want to use too much as i know its slightly darker and didn't want any obvious lines.  Use too little and it may not look like anything is on.
if I'm honest, i actually like this slightly darker colour. Yes its not as pale as the shade 10, but it adds a bit of colour, but not so much it doesn't look natural.  Remember this is all i have on. Add a bit of mascara, lip gloss, maybe a touch of blusher and its adding a good natural colour.
Again, evens the skin tone, feels nice and soft on the skin and not too heavy and helps hides some of the dark circles that are plaguing me at the moment (have a cold that just wont go!!).
I like both! depending i guess on what kind of day I'm having!

what i think i like most about these CC Creams, is that they seem to be aimed at the paler of us - or "English Rose Skin" as my nan used to call it!  Alot of brands tend to have much darker ones that us paler ones cant really use, so Yay to Beauty UK!

decided to add some mascara and lip gloss to the Shade 20 and this is the result:
which I'm actually quite pleased with.  Just the CC Cream, mascara and lip gloss - nice and easy make up for a relaxed day!!

These have given me a new eye opener on CC Creams and to not just dismiss them the way i had originally.  I can see now, that not all are like the ones the i first tried and  ill definitely be more open to trying them!

I wonder if any of you guys have tried these CC Creams, or any for that matter? Did you try the Loreal ones like i did and made you hesitate to try them?
Any that you would recommend to give a try?

Hope this showed that there ARE good CC creams out there and at great prices!
These are available online at and also in Superdrugs for a great price of £4.99 each

**products provided for an honest review**


  1. I have tried BB creams before, my favorite is the Pacifica Mineral, but I have not tried CC creams before but i agree, Fawn looks pretty amazing on you (:

  2. These actually look really good, and they're a great price too!
    I thought it was a bit weird that L'Oreal just did the one shade :/

    Jess xo

  3. For dark complexion like Pakistnis which shade suite on ??


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