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Taking Time Out with Tara from Tara's Talons

I LOVE Tara's Talons.
I love the polish and i love Tara, shes super nice, helpful, friendly and has a complete love of polish which is poured into every bottle she does and it shows!
Ive done a few reviews of her polishes HERE, using her polishes HERE and HERE. And i still have some in my collection that I'm itching to try, but have lost my polish mojo for a short while (saddens me, so i hope it comes back soon!).

So, while my mojo is on a break, i thought id get a quick interview from Tara, which she was happy to do and replied mega fast!
Thank you to Tara for taking the time to answer the questions!
The pictures I've used are available at the time i wrote this, but remember that Tara only creates one offs, so if you really like it, i suggest you scoot to her ETSY shop and nab it while its there!
Anyway, onto the interview....!

1). when did you start to mix your own polishes?

I started researching in December of 2011, I started mixing in March of 2012 and I started selling in April of 2013!

2). what was the first one like that you mixed? Was it an instant success or did it need playing with?

The first one I mixed was called Clowning around, it was nice and I got lots of compliments but I wanted it to be much more glittery so it took a while to tweak it to get the right amount of glitter and the right consistency but it did make it into my first collection!

3). Which one was the first successful polish?

The first polish I made that didn't need tweaking was Mum's makeup which also made my first collection!

4). What was the first polish you sold?

I sold Mum's makeup, Clowning around, Dolly, Ice lolly and Alphabetti Spaghetti in a pre order before my first collection was launched!

5). When did you decide to start selling and when did you open your Etsy store for the first time?

I decided to start selling in April of 2012 because I had fallen in love with doing it! 

6). I know you do one offs, are there any that people have loved and you've had to do more than one of?

Yes! I never make it exactly the same though but there's a few people have loved and wanted made for them, usually the want to add ion a glitter or take a glitter out and of course they want it renamed!

7). will you ever do a batch of a polish, rather than one offs? 

My first collection was a batch! There were 10 polishes in that collection and 10 of each polish! I might do larger quantities of my Christmas collection because who doesn't love Christmas polish!

).You've just done your first collaboration with PMP polishes - it went super fast and well, will you be collaborating again?

Charlie approached me about the collab because I rarely do glitter toppers and fab glitter toppers are what she is known for so our duos seemed the perfect pairs! We've done two collections now, one inspired by Cinderella and one inspired by Beauty and the Beast and I loved working on them with Charlie and we're always throwing ideas around about collabs so I'm sure there will be many more!

9). Whats next for Tara's Talons?

At the moment I have loads going on! I have my collections, custom polishes/collections, nail art I've hand designed and nail art supplies in my shop which I'm always adding too! I'm also working on nail art pens which will be released soon! I am working on my nail polish advent calendars which have sold out, my nail art calendars which there are still a few left of and a secret Christmas product that will be launched on the 25th of November! I am also working on the admin part of my Halloween collections and I'm also working on my Valentine's day and Easter collections! I also revealed a couple of days ago that I am writing a book about nails, nail art, nail polish etc so I'm working on that and I'm also working on something I really wish I could reveal but I can't :( I will soon though! And I've started writing articles for a beauty website so I'm usually jotting down ideas for that too!

10). do you have a favourite of your polishes?

I really hate choosing between them but I always have to go with Clowning around because it was the first polish I ever made!

11). Any lemmings that you would love to get a hold of but not had a chance yet?

So many! I'm on a no buy so I have serious polish withdrawals right now!

12). Do you have a favourite brand of polish, that you seem to always gravitate towards?

Barry M, Nails Inc and Leighton Denny! I don't know why but I always buy whatever they bring out (even if I later regret it - Barry M sequin effect, I'm looking at you!)

A bit about you, if you don't mind!

13). I'm gonna guess that Taras Talons is more of a hobby, so what do you do to keep the nibbles on the table?

Nope, TarasTalons is my business, my livelihood, my passion and my everything!

14). What do you do to relax?

Paint my nails, read and spend time with my hubby and my family!

15). Early bird, or night owl?

Night owl! I hate going to bed and then once I'm in it I hate getting out! I'm normally up until 2,3,4,5am working, reading, jotting down ideas and doing research!

16). What did you love and hate at school?

I loved drama, English and my friends I hated having to get up early, do as I was told and wear what everyone else was wearing!

17). What made you laugh last?

Two of my sisters being lunatics during one of or random conversations!

18). Tell us an embarrassing secret!

I'm addicted to American food/sweets/drink! I will spend a fortune on it and then eat too much of it while I watch rubbish on TV like The only way is Essex!

19). You're going to be stuck on a desert island and can grab 3 things to take with you, what do you grab?

Vaseline, books, polish making supplies!

20). Any tips for budding polish makers?

Research, research, research! Contact every single supplier you can find, try out as many different supplies as possible and make sure you have fun! Don't ever listen to people who tell you that you can't do it or your creations are no good! Never give up if it's your passion!

21). Do you have a saying that you live by?

Everything happens for a reason (I have a tattoo that says that!) and Think positive and positive things will happen (it's my phone wallpaper)

22). Who's your inspiration in life?

All the happy people and people who overcome things to do what they want to do in their life and all the people who do kind things and selfless acts for others. Basically everyone who's stories are in the 'Chicken soup for the soul' books! 

23) Book worm or film buff, and what do you enjoy to read/watch?

Book worm! I'll read anything! Horrors, thrillers, crime fiction, chick lit etc! At the moment I'm re-reading some Hamish Macbeth books by MC Beaton while I wait for a new Karen Rose book to come out and I've just finished a new (and sick) book by Chris Carter! It was amazing, I recommend it to everyone!

So there you go!! A little about the polishes that Tara creates and a bit about the gal behind them!

Tara has been super kind to you readers too!
She has given Penny For Them... a discount that can be used in her Etsy store! Choose your gorgeous new pretties and when you get to the checkout, use the code PENNY10 for a 10% discount.  This has 

How cool is that!!
Thank you for your generosity Tara and for taking the time out to answer the interview questions!
To find Tara you can go to any of the below social media sites:
Facebook page is

Thank you for reading, i hope you enjoyed finding out a bit more about Tara as i did and hope it finds you tootling over to the shop to have a good ogle at the gorgeous polishes!!

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