Friday, 13 September 2013

NOTD: Pretty serious BSOD

So as I'm doing my A-Z nail challenge, i also get fidgety and fancy trying a polish that doesn't begin with the next letter - today's NOTD being one of them!

I have a Helmer now (like a filing cabinet for nail polishes for those who aren't in the know, from Ikea!). I try to keep ones I've used and tested and keeping in there, and i have a big silver make up artist kinda box where i put all my new ones (which is getting rapidly full!!). So i knew i fancied blue, but eeep! Which one!!

The one i picked out was perfect.  It was Pretty Serious's BSOD.

You may also notice that my ring finger is a different polish (and yes i did that on purpose not cos the polish ran out or anything!!) - i just felt like breaking up the blue with a bit of glitter and this one again fitted the bill perfectly!

So the Pretty Serious polish....

Looks yummy in the bottle alone doesn't it!! The website describes it as " a beautiful blue jelly packed to bursting with blue glitter" and honestly, i couldn't have put it better myself!  Its still on the Pretty Serious shop page but (as of writing now, ) is currently out of stock but there are other places that they can be bought. Sally Magpies in the UK is one.

Although i have a few PS in my collection, this is the first one I've actually tried and i have to say i love it!

I found the best way to put it on was with thick coats, but not with too much polish on the brush - so, dab a little off each side of the brush and should be good to go. The reason for this is i tried thin coats and it dried really fast so when i went over the dried polish with the brush, it snagged and pulled - not an attractive look, so thicker coats are better.

I used three coats, but i think two would do. I used three as it just felt right - you know when you're looking at the polish and it just feels right to add another coat - this was that moment!

The base coat i used was Nails Inc Hyde Park, and i used a new top coat that i got through the post from Overall Beauty today called "BB Couture for Nails Top Rock" - this claims to add gloss (which i think it did) and help to keep chips at bay, which ill be keeping an eye on!

The OPI i used on my ring finger was "Simmer & Shimmer" from the 2010 burlesque collection.  Not as easy to find as its collection has stopped being made, but keep your eye out and one will probably show up!  I only used 2 coats of the OPI as that was enough glitter, and used the BB top coat on top too.

The end result...?

Personally, i think its a great combo! I love blue and glitter and think they go well together. The Pretty Serious is just one of those polishes you keep looking at and moving your nails so the little bits of glitter sparkle at you!

I love my purples, its known, but I've realised that my blue polish drawer is the most full so they've sneaked ahead in some way!! Still, I'm not complaining! Both fab colours!

Whaddya think? Good to go? Apologies for the shortness of nails, one snapped so had to shrink the rest down (boooooo!!) but hopefully they'll be nice and long again soon!!

Anyway, Happy Polishing Girls (and guys!!)


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