Sunday, 22 September 2013

NOTD Guest Post! Charlie from PMP Polishes

I want to apologise for the lack of posts on my blog, I'm not too well with my M.E at the moment and the good ole brain fog has kicked in big style, leaving me with nothing to write!
So i asked some of the girls in the nail circles, for guest posts and thankfully, because of the lovely girls they are, a few offered a post and I'm so thankful!

Today's come from Charlie from Pocket Money Polishes and is also the brains and beauty behind the gorgeous PMP polishes i have shown you on my blog a few times!
So be sure to pop over, you wont regret it!
And over to Charlie.......!

One of my first ever purchases on a Nail Sale page were two Chick Polishes, this is Cutie Pie a soft pastel green cream which is opaque in 2-3 coats and pleasingly un-chalky. I was a little over zealous with clean up on my middle finger - sorry about that. I found the dry time on this is not the quickest but it is work it for the even and glossy finish.

It is bad to say that I am finally getting the hang of pastel application when spring is so far away but I am determined to make them work as we head into the colder months so that I can keep things mixed up on here. Seasons smeasons right?
I think this is officially as close as I am going to get to the white nails trend which appears to be making a return. The white after labour day rule appears not to apply to fingers.

I decided to jump on the wagon of the speckled egg look which was HUGE in the spring...yes ok I am late to every party but to give it a festive twist. I added a coat of BarryM Diamond Dust which is a mixed silver holo glitter polish and a coat of Iconic Effect Sand Castles (which I previously used HERE) which is a gold holo glitter topper. OM NOM NOM so glittery. I really need to get me some more Iconic Effect polishes (available HERE) - love my UK indies!
I like how both of the glitters have a mix of sizes and sparkled at slightly different angles.


What do you think of my sparkly speckled egg look?  Big thanks to Claire for having me on her blog today – I hope you’ll pop over to PMP to see what I am up to, there is usually some form of craziness going on.

Thank you Charlie - personally i love the look! I'm the same with whites, they very rarely suit me, but this looks yummy!  I love the speckled egg look - I've never done it, but I'm gonna have a bash now!

Huge thanks Charlie!!

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  1. The nails look great, I love speckled nails.



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