Monday, 2 September 2013

My first (but not last!) hello to Liquid Sky Lacquers!

Ive spent the last month or so investigating polish brands i haven't previously heard of, or not tried.

Liquid Sky Lacquers was one of them.  HOW i had never come across them, is beyond me, they're gorgeous polishes, a great variety of holos, thermals, glitters, all different colours and great prices!

These are the pretties i got to try for the first time:

A good selection - and not all purple!

Each polish has a different way of applying - but each one suits it!
Like the Fuchsia Illusion is best put on in medium coats as if you do it too thin it will dry too quick and catch - too thick and it'll run down your fingers!
The two Jelly polishes - "Bleu Infinity" and "Napa Cabernet", are actually pretty flexible.  If you're looking to add thin quick coats, it seemed to work, but i used 3 medium coats to build them up slowly and chance to dry a bit between each coat.

The "Glass Slippers" is a very thick crelly polish.   A beautiful pastel shade of blue, this is best with the thicker side of medium coats due to its already thickness and this will then only require 2 coats.

onto the individual polishes:

Fuchsia Illusion is a beautiful thermal polish that starts off a gorgeous holo purple, and when on your nails heats up to a really nice pink and leaves the tips purple - i love this! Its got the thermal aspect which makes it look very cool, it has a great combination of colours and theres holo particles to boot - what else would you want from a polish! I have to admit this is my favourite of the bunch!

so this is the purple that you put on:

and after mere seconds, it changes to this!

Think you can see why its my favourite!

Next up was "Twilight Rain" - a dusky purple holo.

Bleu Infinity is a deep blue teal jelly polish with just the right amount of glitter showing on it, that looks great layered.

Glass Slippers is a bright sky blue thick polish with minute pieces of holo glitter that sparkle just slightly when catching the light, making it almost a fairytale like polish!

id recommend a top coat with this one as i found it quite textured on its own, and the top coat just gives it that extra gloss and protection.  Throughout this whole review i used Gelous as the top coat:

And another jelly polish - in a deep red wine yummy colour. Hexagons of glitter layer nicely giving this polish alot of depth and it looks delicious!

Lastly is "solar plum".  I had to wait for a day with sunshine for this one as it states it changes colour in the sun! (which we haven't had a lot of here in the UK!). So it peeped out today and i gave it a whirl.

To apply it indoors, its a creamy colour with a hint of holo glitter.

I waited with my hand in the sun for 15 minutes!  But there was quite a breeze and I'm not sure if it needed more heat rather than the sun, but either way, i wasn't getting alot of it, but i loved the light purple holo it turned into - it was really pretty and sparkly!

So that's my first Liquid Sky lacquer haul, and i really don't think it will be my last. Aren't they gorgeous!!
Any Liquid sky's you'd recommend to try?

Happy Polishing!


  1. Fuschia Illusion is STUNNING, and I love Bleu Infinity, too. Lovely polishes :)

    Jess xo


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