Friday, 13 September 2013

Mascara Challenge #5: Benefit "Bad Girl" Mascara

I love Benefit products - i love their erase paste, their Bella bamba blusher, their creams, lip glosses, little kits.  But I've never really tried their mascaras.  So this is as good a time as any!

Today's challenge was possibly their most well known before the "They're Real" was released (which, yes, i will be trying aswell) - its the "Bad Gal" mascara.

Described as:

Sexy, sultry, pure unadulterated black mascara for full, voluminous lashes. It's as BAD as you want to be!

The Benefit BADgal Lash Mascara Black's famously big, bodacious brush coats lashes with Benefit's super black formula.

With a description like that, and with such a big name, its hard to resist to try it!
The one i tried was actually the one that was free with a magazine a few months back, and i got it but never tried it.  Perfect for this i thought!.

So, as its the smaller tube, i think the brush is slightly different to the original size.  Obviously shorter, which might give the illusion of a different bristle head, but on closer look, i don't think it is that different, which is good! Its a little bent, but i don't think it affected the way it applied.

As it was a mini version, i had to dip a few times into the tube, but only once or twice.  The mascara went on well with no clumps.  Not a great deal of lengthening but it accentuated the lashes i have and made them stand out more than normal and opens up my eyes really well.

So - four hours later - I'm pretty impressed! its still on mostly, some missing on the lower lashes, but the upper lashes seem to be 90% the same! There is a slight clump towards the inner upper eyelash, but that could be easily straightened out.
I think this is the first mascara in the test to have done that!  No smudging underneath.

Onto the 8 points:
1) Cost (for full size) -£17.50

2) ease of application - Very easy
3) volumises lashes - draws the lashes out but not massively volumising them
4) Smudgeproof - Yep
5) Any clogging -It was totally clog free
6) Hardiness (how long it lasts for) and if it looks just as good as when i put it on - pretty much all there by the end of 4 hours, the lower lashes were missing a bit, but id say 90% still on
7) How easy to get off at the end of the day? - took a few scrubs with the face wipe, but comes off completely using one wipe
8) Marks out of 10 for all of the above - id say a good 8 for this one!

So, Benefit pulls another good product - should i have doubted it really!  Its a bit more expensive than many of the others - that the one thing that's making me hesitate buying a full one - that and the fact it doesn't lengthen the lashes like id like, but as an everyday mascara where you don't want to look like you have alot of mascara on, it pretty much fits the bill, i think!

I think this is the forerunner in the challenge so far....might take an uber special mascara to beat it...!!


  1. I much prefer this to They're Real. Love the curl it's given your lashes :)

    A Woman's Quest - 3 Bargain Mascaras Put To The Test

  2. Hmmm...I think I may have to get this one. Or the other, They're Real. I have seen good results with both! Good review!

  3. Looks really good, not bad for four hours.


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